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Great Champ Technology Ltd. GCT aim for excellence, building credibility, nurturing innovation.


Our story

Nerdy Turtlez commenced its journey way back in the year 2009, starting small to grow into one of the largest platforms for freelance writers from the world over. From the beginning, our aim has been to provide writers with the opportunity to display their skills and talents to a wide audience in return for a rewarding pay. Fast forward to the present times, we are a proud company that is made up of some of the most talented freelance writers who have proven their expertise and mettle time and again in various types of content writing such as SEO writing, marketing reports, technical writing, blogging, whitepaper writing, academic writing and more.


Who are we?

We are a team of marketers, academic writers, designers, developers and managers who have passion for what we do.


What we do?

We help give wings to the careers of freelance writers by providing them with a wide variety of interesting and fun projects that challenge them and help them grow as a writer. Some of the biggest brands give us their projects to work on, which we then hand out to skilled freelancers like you who we know can do a great job at it. We keep our writers as our top priority and pay individual attention to each of them so that they can discover their latent talents and grow with us. Some of the types of content writing freelancers can expect from us include - Copywriting, Blogging, SEO writing, Article writing, Business reports, Marketing reports, Academic writing, Creative writing, Ghost writing, Infographics.

Note: This list is not exhaustive.


Our writers,
our strength

We take immense pride in having a huge team of more than 1500 happy freelancers who possess immense knowledge in their chosen field. This is why we have the taken the initiative to provide them with an all-encompassing platform that helps them to utilize their time and skill set in the best possible manner. We always try our level best to ensure that we hire the right talent, so that we get the opportunity to nurture and retain it for the times to come.


Our philosophy,
vision and values

Our philosophy is simple – to provide freelance writers with a world of opportunities so that they can help us in delivering world-class content to our clients. Our vision is to help business and clients connect with the brightest talent so that together we can create beautiful content. Our values – We have strong values that are aimed at nurturing as well as maintaining cordial relationships with both our clients as well as our freelancers. Innovation, creativity, quality, integrity, diversity and sustainability form the core set of our values.

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