General Queries

Do I need to register on website to get assignments/projects?

Yes, this is mandatory as it is one of the communication channels to get assignments/projects.

What type of content will I be asked to write?

We deal in all types of online content so you can expect to get a wide variety of projects from us. These projects are inclusive of but not limited to copywriting, blogging, SEO writing, article writing, business reports, marketing reports, academic writing, creative writing, ghostwriting, infographics and more. Under academic writing though, we may get different types of projects altogether such as essays, dissertations, term papers, case studies, etc. on various subjects. You will be required to fully comprehend the specific requirements of the particular project that you have taken up.

What are the core requirements of being a freelance writer at Nerdy Turtlez?

As a freelance writer with us, you are required to fulfill certain requirements, and these are:

  • Extensive knowledge in your field – Whether you decide to be an academic writer or an SEO writer, you need to have in-depth knowledge of your field so you can produce quality write-ups.
  • Plagiarism-free content – Every piece of writing that you produce for us has to be entirely devoid of plagiarism and a 100% original. Plagiarized write-ups are automatically rejected by us.
  • Timely submission – We do not accept write-ups that have been submitted past the deadline. Therefore, sticking to the deadline of your particular project is a must.

Excellent English – Lastly, we require all of our freelancers to have a good command over the English language as all the projects you will get from us will be in English only. You must always make use of the correct spellings, proper grammar and the right punctuation.

Is this a genuine website?

It’s a young industry & we are one of the early birds catering the needs of students across the globe from past 9 years. We are continuously providing a platform for exchanging assets of information.

Are the experts satisfied?

Yes, our experts are more than satisfied, as we have protocols, communication media, effective planning, pre-defined terms & conditions, automatic billing, pre-stated payment date & 7 days working support panel.

What are the kind of projects we get from our clients?

The kind of projects we generally receive include -

  • Blogs
  • SEO articles
  • Academic papers (assignments, dissertations, essays, etc.)
  • Business reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Online tests and quizzes

This list is not conclusive as we get many other types of projects from our clients as well.

Can, I change my login id?

Yes, you can, but you need to raise a support ticket through My Support.

Can, I change my contact number?

Yes, you can change it in your profile on your own.

What is the average earning of a writer?

The earning of a writer depends on the number of assignments he/she completes in a month. We never force our freelance writers to accept an assignment. It totally depends on their wish whether he/ she want to take an assignment or not. The range of earning is from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000+ per month.

Can I use my own writings as a resource for the project I’m working on currently?

If the particular piece of writing you want to refer to has been published, you can use it as a resource. If not, you will have to make use of original resources for the project you are currently working on

Work Related

How can I refer someone else as freelancer to you?

You can do through support ticket from My Support area by sharing candidate’s resume.

What is plagiarism, & how do we avoid it?

In an instructional setting, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) material without acknowledging the  source. Please check our section “Learning Center” for more information.

Can I apply for a project that is similar to the one I’ve done before?

Yes, you have the option to apply for such a project. However, you must make sure that you treat the project differently and fill it up with entirely fresh and original content or your project will be rejected by us. This is especially applicable for academic projects as the delivery of the same assignment can hamper the student’s career.

Can I submit same solutions, which I submitted for other company, student, University, client, etc?

No, you cannot provide same solutions. It’s your responsibility to provide 0% plagiarized work.

I was good in academics & possess a higher degree; can I use my thesis as a resource?

You can only refer to a thesis if approved & published; otherwise you cannot take any help from it.

What is the Online Portal and how can I use it?

In order to gain access to our Online Portal, you must have cleared the application test. As to what the Online Portal is, it is a one-stop platform where all the stakeholders of a particular project – you the writer, the client, and us – collaborate to bring about the successful completion of the project in question.

How will I receive the assignment?

In order to receive assignments first you need to clear the test assignment. After passing the test assignment you will be required to create your profile on our portal. Once you create your profile, we confirm it from our end based on your score in tests and then you can start receiving assignments. Please follow the below mentioned steps: 

  • Whenever an assignment is sent, it appears under "New & Applied"Order tab.
  • You need to click on the assignment and you will get entire details about the assignment.
  • Read all the requirements including questions as well as the additional information sent by student in description and file
  • In case you have a query regarding general consent then you can ask through“My Support” by raising a ticket. In case of query regarding orders you can ask from “Conversation message” 
  • If you are comfortable with the requirements and willing to work on that assignment, select “Apply”option else “Reject” You will no longer be able to view the assignment if you chose Reject option.
  • We will receive your option “Applied”for the particular order and confirm the assignment to you. 
  • After receiving confirmation for particular order which you have applied will shift to your “Confirmed order”tab and you will also get a message in “My Messages” box and after finalizing from our end you can start working on that assignment.
  • Do not start working on any assignment, until it comes under your confirmed tab.

How could I see details of any assignment?

You need to login into your tutor account & click on New & Applied Orders Tab. For more details, you need to click on the particular Order ID.

What is an Order ID?

Every assignment has a unique Reference Number i.e. Order ID (5-7 Digits Numeric)

Do I need to apply on all orders sent to me?

No, you must check before applying. Pick only those orders on which you are pretty sure to deliver the quality work.

How can I increase the number of assignments?

The increment depends on the quality of work that the writer provides. It is evaluated mainly on the three parameters:

  • Frequent availability of the writer to take up the urgent tasks.
  • Good quality of work and timely delivery.
  • Less number of reworks coming in the completed assignments.

We also have CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score for our writers to analyze their performance. In short, more you have CSAT score more you’ll get assignments because of your quality work.

What is CSAT score?

Following is the explanation

CSAT - Customer/ Client satisfaction score. This actually is the score which helps in identifying the quality of work delivered by you. We believe in First Time Resolution, hence if there is no escalation raised by the client the CSAT becomes good.

In other terms if you will get less Escalations then also your CSAT score will be good.

CSAT1 - Percentage of orders completed successfully without any escalation from student.

Higher the figure - better

CSAT2 - Average number of escalations for escalated orders (Total number escalations/Total escalated orders). Lower the figure - better

Example - Mr.X, an expert has done 10 orders from 1st March 2016 to 31st March and the escalation details are as below.

Number of orders done by him = 10 orders

Number of orders submitted successfully without any escalation = 7 orders

Number of orders, student has escalated = 3 orders

Number of escalations, student has escalated under these 3 escalated orders = 5 times


CSAT1 = 7/10 = 70%

CSAT2 = 5/3 = 1.666666667

How can I change/ amend subject expertise?

In case of any change and amendment you need to raise a ticket on “My support”. Also, you may take a test of the subject you want to add. Basis on the review, we will be able to add the subject.

• If in case you try to change your subject or bank details without raising ticket or informing us then your account will automatically get deactivated and you’ll not be getting any new assignment by then onward from our end.

How can I add new subject expertise?

<span> Dear Expert, In case of adding the subject to your current expertise, you may login to your portal and choose the Option<strong> "Skill Test & Result"</strong>. Basis the same your test will be evaluated and will be added as per the results. </span>

Payment Related

If I didn’t work in a particular month, is there any negative penalty?

No, we do not work in such manner. No penalties will be imposed but we do expect from all experts to work maximum with quality work.

How do you pay?

We pay through online banking for Indian Experts & Paypal for experts other than India. For getting payment, one needs to update the bank details over portal through “My profile”.

How the payment is decided in numerical/programming/coding assignments?

For such kind of assignments, the payment is decided on the basis of complexity and urgency. It also depends on research involved to complete a particular task.

What are the Payment Criteria?

The payment for assignments done by a writer is on monthly basis. An accumulated amount of all the assignments is credited to the account of the writers between 10th to 12th date of next month.

Do we deduct Tax / TDS (Tax Deduction at Source)?

Yes, we deduct TDS on every Transaction, whatsoever be the amount, Form 16A is being prepared for every quarter, visible in 26AS (online income tax account) & provided on ‘request’

Why do we deduct Tax?

We are a legitimate company making legitimate payments, so TDS of 10% is deducted as per the rules of Government of India.

Do we deduct Tax upon payments to International experts?

No, we do not deduct any tax on International payments.

Is there any other mode of payment for International experts?

No, currently we do not have medium other than Paypal, we are in a process to get it.

What is the date of getting TDS certificates?

Form 16A / TDS Certificates can be claimed in following manner.


 Payment Received in

 Claim for Form 16A


 Apr - Jun

 After 15th Aug


 Jul - Sep

 After 15th Nov


 Oct - Dec

 After 15th Feb


 Jan - Mar

 After 15th May

You can also find the same in your online Income Tax Account in Form 26AS

To Login: Please follow this link


To Register: Please follow this Link

What is the currency conversion rate we follow, for International Payment?

We pay as per the conversion applicable on the date of payment.

Can I Add / Change my bank details?

If you have not updated your bank details over the portal by 8th then your payment will be released on 20th of that month, which is 2nd payment cycle.

As far as change in bank details is concerned, an Indian, Expert cannot change it in same Financial Year.

However, an International expert, can; but has to inform in advance.

I am Indian Expert, but residing outside India, can I take payment through PayPal?

Yes, you can.

I am not living in India, but need payment in my Indian Bank?

Yes, you can get, but TDS shall be levied.

Currently, I do not have PAN number, will you still deduct TDS?

We shall clear the payment once we get complete Bank details including PAN number.

If I provide Form 15g/15h, would you still deduct TDS?

Yes, we do not accept such forms.

What is the currency conversion rate we follow, for International Payment?

We pay as per the conversion applicable on the date of payment.

How can I change my existing skills on your website?

If you need to change the skill set you have registered with on our website, you will have to raise a ticket to do so on “My Support.” You may be asked to take a test to verify that you possess that particular skill before you add it to your portfolio on our website.

Do not try to make changes to any of your details on our website without raising a ticket as it can lead to the automatic deactivation of your account, which means you will not be able to receive projects from us.

How can I add new skills to my portfolio on your website?

To add a new skill to your currently existing skill set, you will have to log in to your account on our website and select the option “Skill Test & Result.” If you pass the test, the new skill will be added to your existing skill set.


How can I contact you?

You can contact us through IVR. Also, you may chat with us through the "Live Support Online" option which you can find over the portal.

How can I raise ticket over My Support?

Click on “My support” option which you can get on top right corner of the portal then choose “New ticket” option (green in color) and again on top right corner of my support page. After this you will get a pop up agreement which you need to read out and click on “I Agree” button. Now you are on support page where you can find two captions one is “To department” for selecting your enquiry department then need to write your message under space provided for message. After this you need to click on “Submit” button to submit your query.

As soon as we receive your ticket, we will get back to you with solution of your query.

How can I access Chat option?

We are 24/7 available on live support chat.
To chat on Live support please follow certain steps:
Click on “Live Support Online” pop up option which is at right side of the portal.
Click on your enquiry department among provided on portal which are Allocation, Support after allocation and Rework.
Write down your name in space provide for your name.
Write your message in the provided area.
Then click on start chat.
As soon as we will get your chat someone from your chosen department will definitely connect to you and resolve your query.

How can I get a new assignment and also take support in Rework through Live support?

For getting work through live support option you have to follow following above steps:

  • Click on “Live Support Online” pop up option which is at the right side of the portal.
  • Choose Allocation/ Rework department.
  • Write down your name in the space provide for your name.
  • Write your message in the provided area like: “Hey! Allocators please provide me a few assignments on which I can work as my expertise are ……….
  • In case of rework you can ask your query to them.
  • Then click on start chat.

Someone from allocation will pick up your chat and ping your few assignments according to your expertise, then can check those order id over your portal under “New & Applied order” tab.

If you feel fine with provided order then you can apply for it else reject.

In case of apply someone from allocation will confirm that task to you and also float a message which you can find under “My messages” box regarding confirmation.

NB: In case of any rework you can choose rework department and start chat with them for your query.

Where do I enquire to get orders according to me?

For getting assignments according to your expertise; you can contact us through live support chat. Having no positive response then raise ticket regarding your problem through my support. You may also contact us on our contact details mentioned on website.

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