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Such depressing statistics can make you feel hopeless about your future, and leave you wondering whether you will ever be able to secure a good job for yourself after you have completed your education. Well, worry no more as you now have the option of getting financially rewarding academic content writing jobs in the country via NerdyTurtlez.com. ...Read more

NerdyTurtlez.com is expanding and extending it services to the island nation of Philippines. Now you longer have to despair over the unemployment situation, as you will now be able to earn a decent living for yourself via our freelance academic writing jobs. Even though jobs like human resource management, account executives, receptionists, etc. make up the top 10 of the most popular jobs in the country, academic freelance writing is fast catching up and can be referred to as the underdog in the race.

The best part about academic content writing jobs is that getting into them is very easy – all that you need is a flair for writing and a strong command over the English language. So if you are good at that, you can be a part of our ever-growing young and talented team. Working with us can lend you credibility as well as help you build a good reputation among global clients. And that’s not the only advantage of joining our 839-people strong team of freelancers.

Here are the benefits of choosing our academic content writing jobs -

Payment on time

You no longer have to bide your time till the middle of the month to get the payment you deserve. You will always be paid on time if you work with us and will get your money at the beginning of the month. We will credit the money to your PayPal account or send it to you via a wire transfer.

Best in the industry payment standards

Our academic content writing jobs pay really well. Besides that, you also get several chances to increase your payment with us, all you have to do is take up as many projects as you can and calculate your potential earning on the ‘Compensation’ calculator on our website.

Free registration

If you go about searching online academic writing jobs, most agencies will ask you to pay up if you wish to be a part of their team. Not with us though. To work with us, you can sign up for free. There are no hidden costs or fine prints with us.

Pure academic writing

If you are good at academics and are passionate about writing, our academic writing jobs are the perfect ones for you. We do not promise one kind of work and give out another. Ours is a purely academic based writing job, giving you the opportunity to discover more about the subjects you love.

Work from the comforts of your home

Another advantage of our freelance academic writing jobs is that you get the chance to work from the comforts of your home. You don’t have to go through the rigors of the daily commute, and neither do you have to step out of your comfort zone and be yelled by a boss. Working with us means you get to be your own boss.

Freedom to choose your subject

Most other companies that offer academic content writing jobs generally force the assignments of the subject you are not familiar with on you, and leave you with no choice but to work on them. However, if you join us, you will never have to face that problem. We will give you the freedom to choose the projects of only those subjects which you want.

Work according to your convenience

If you opt for one of our freelance academic writing jobs, you will not have to follow the regular 9 to 5 routine. Instead, you can create your personal routine and work anytime you want, be it day or night. All we care about is that you deliver the work on time. Besides that, you also have the option of working full-time with us or going for one of our part-time academic writing jobs.

If you do not know how to compose academic content, do not worry as we'll be more than willing to teach you how. To know all about academic writing, you simply have to click on the ‘Learning Center’ tab on our website. You will find all the information you need right here. So quit chasing after other jobs, and grab one of our academic content writing jobs today.

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