6 Reason People Choose Freelancing as Career Option

Nov 07, 2016

Online work attracts people since they find it lucrative and easy. There are opportunities as well as challenges in online work. The decision about choosing freelancing as a career option is difficult. It requires careful consideration of different factors and reasons. It needs good decision making skills. Yet, there are some freelancers that have opted for freelancing by default. You might be well aware of the fact that the popularity of freelance jobs are growing at a good rate. Statistics have shown an upward curve in this regard. It’s time that we discuss the reasons behind why people turn to freelancing. Here are the top 6 reasons why people turn to freelancing.

Loss of jobs  

You might come across many reasons as to why people choose freelance jobs. According to surveys, one of the main reasons why people opt for this is the loss of day jobs. Freelancing is an alternative for you as the means to earn your living. Money is a necessity and in the absence of jobs, freelancing becomes the next best option for you. In the absence of scope and opportunity for full time jobs, it is a lucrative and attractive option for you. Companies release their workers as per their policies and a large labor turnover is evident. Freelancing is the weapon for you to tackle this situation. Thus, you can understand why people choose freelance work.

Flexibility in the schedule

Work schedule and timings are an important aspect for employees. In many companies, the work schedules are so tight that employees feel demoralized. The morale and the interest in work declines. So you can see, that there is a certain level of flexibility in the schedules and timings of work that you do need. When there are no solutions after negotiations with employers, you definitely feel frustrated. In such cases, you will tend to look for better options and greener pastures. You tend to decide when you want to work and accordingly plan your schedule as per your needs. You get more freedom and flexibility in your work pattern.  This is another important reason why people turn to freelancing.

Be your own boss

Freelancing makes you the master of your own ship. There are many reasons why freelancing is chosen over other full time jobs. One of them is it helps you to show your own individual style. You are also able to use your own approach and methods. There is no compulsion to be under the domination of anyone. You are your own boss and you work according to your requirements. There is freedom of choice of the type of work you want to do and the websites you want to work for. There is flexibility in your schedule.  You have significant freedom and liberalization in your work. It helps you to decide your own strategies and tactics according to the type of work you get.

Default choice

It is seen that many times freelancing is a choice by default.  Many people have said that they have come across freelancing jobs by chance. They have had no idea about it at all. As a result, they were unaware of its positives and negatives. You should remember this fact. Sometimes you suffer from joblessness or dissatisfaction in your jobs. You come across freelancing job opportunities without any knowledge about it. It seems like a better option to you in comparison to your previous day jobs. Thus, this makes sense as to why you choose freelancing over your current jobs. It is more of a default choice rather than a planned decision.


A lot of time you are unable to show your skills and talents in your work.   At times your work is boring and does not generate much interest. It does not motivate you enough to highlight your abilities. You begin to realize that your passion and dreams are not fulfilled. The diminishing interest in your work does not allow you to give your best in the work that you do. What do you do in such situations? How do you fulfill your dreams and passions? Freelancing becomes the best answer to these questions. As a freelancer, you tend to decide the type of work, which is based on your skills. The strengths and abilities can be utilized to a great degree, in freelancing. It also increases you interest and motivation level in the work that you do. So you can understand why people choose freelancing jobs.

Extra income

According to surveys and articles, people choose freelancing to earn extra income. This helps you to meet your needs, pay off your debts and also increases your savings. A lot of times the salary and wages are not enough for you to meet your ends. The current pay that you receive is not sufficient to tackle the evil of inflation. How do you make some extra income? Freelancing is the best choice that is available to you and it is an easy way to make some extra income. This is a very common reason why people choose freelance work.

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