The Freelancer Starter Kit: Must-Haves Before You Start Working

Ruhan Chand
Sep 08, 2016

Entering in freelance industry is easy. Firstly, you should write a constructive resume in order to present your skills. Secondly, you should identify an online platform in order to attract clients. If you have already gone through these steps, then you are all set to build your career as a freelancer. Now days, competition is high in freelancing and that is the reason your profile needs to stand out from the crowd. Starter kit helps to understand the basic of freelancing. Before starting, you should know the ground level facts of this profession in order to flourish your career. Here are some tips, which will make your start smoother and hassle free.

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Building Your Portfolio

Background information is not enough for attracting the employers, better attach your portfolio with the resume in order to highlight your strengths, incorporate information regarding your previous projects, stronger the portfolio, higher the chances of attracting employers.,  . Basically its all about being reliable, so why not starting from an early stage? However, you should put only those projects, which you have completed successfully. Remember, the list of your completed projects can be short, but it should be authentic. The employers are smart enough to judge your skills and abilities from the information provided by you, better don’t try to mislead them with vague information, it may destroy your reputation as a freelancer before you even start your career.

Incorporate your portfolio in Website

A freelancer does not have any particular workplace. They can work from anywhere they can.  It’s better to have an attractive website in order to avoid identity issue. The website should consist with adequate information regarding your previous works. Employers are willing to gain knowledge regarding your expertise areas. In order to build the website attractive, you should first research other websites of same domain. It will give you an understanding of how freelancers are building their online platform for attracting clients. Moreover, the website should have your personal information like contact details. You should present the website in professional manner in order to gain trust of the employers. Now, you should incorporate testimonial feature for allowing the clients to give their feedbacks. It helps to satisfy the clients as per their needs and requirements.

Adopt a reliable Payment process

You should setup an online account in order to receive your payments like Skrill and PayPal. The payment gateway should be reliable and authentic. Remember, clients will only pay through the gateway, if they found that convenient enough. Most of the payment gateways have an elongate process. You should select the most user-friendly portal in order to avoid unnecessary interruptions. After selecting the most trustworthy payment portal, you should attach this with a bank account. Technical malfunction is a potential threat, which can prevent clients from completing the payment process. You should keep your website updating with new features. This will help you to eliminate technical failures.    

Be transparent with your clients

You should communicate with your client during the course of project. The project cycle starts from the time of bidding for a particular project, and ends on completing that project as per client’s requirements. During this period, you need to be in touch with your client in consistent manner. The employers may not be able to understand all your abilities through your portfolio. Discuss about specific requirements with your client, and then you will be able to satisfy them. Now, you should be very careful while you communicating with clients. There are ample number of freelancers are bidding for same project. Therefore, your conversation with the employer should be more impactful. In this manner, you will not only be able to convince your client, but in addition, you would be able to understand their needs and requirements.     

Make an effective Marketing Plan

Self-promotion is what freelancers can do for their advertisement. In order to advertise yourself, you should use efficient platforms like Facebook, Tweeter and other social networking websites. People now days are depended on social websites, isn’t it? You will found lots communities of freelancers. Select those communities as your marketing platform. You should be careful during selecting the platform. If you post a bunch of advertisement in unpopular platforms, then it will doesn’t make any sense. The content of your advertisement should be unique. Use your business card or any other informative document as your advertisement content. But, make sure that your advertisement is not overflowed with irrelevant information. In order to attract employers, you should be specific with your features and therefore, the content needs to be short and snappy in nature.      

You should discover your skills

In order to maintain your workflow, you should enhance knowledge in different background. For example, if you are interested in advertisement industry, then you should also cater yourself to write blogs about different advertisement strategies. In this way, you will never face scarcity of work. Handling different type of work is a challenging job. Therefore, you should only take responsibility, when you think that you are self-sufficient to deliver a quality piece of work. Remember, that clients’ satisfaction is the most important factor that you should keep in your mind.      

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