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NerdyTurtlez.Com: Wages For Freelancers at Top 6 Places

NerdyTurtlez.Com: Wages For Freelancers at Top 6 Places
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  • 18/05/2022
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Just decided to quit your boring old day job and step into the wild world of freelance writing? Congratulations! One of the toughest parts is now over, as taking that leap of faith requires some serious gut. Now all that is left is to find a suitable freelance writing agency for yourself that can meet all of the things you are looking for.

What do freelance writers look for in a job?

According to the data released by the website,, 30% of the people who take up freelance writing jobs do so to earn some extra money on the side. Around 24% take up such jobs because they do not like working in an office environment while for 23% it has always been their preferred career.

The report also revealed that 82% of the people believed that the best part about being a freelance writer is that they could work whenever they want. Around 35% said that they like not having a boss; 30% of them deemed the freedom to determine their own rates and earn as much as they want as the biggest advantage; and lastly, 24% were just happy that they did not have to go through the many awkward face-to-face meetings with bosses and clients.

The report also revealed the problems freelance writers face, and 57% said that finding new clients is a pain while 59% of them said that the uncertainty of their income really bummed them out.

Where can you find such a job?

Now the big question that arises is: where can you get an agency that gives you the liberty to be your own boss, saves you from having uncomfortable meetings, offers you consistency of work and is even a regular source of a handsome income? Well, our friend, the answer is

We always have a bunch of exciting projects for you to work and since we never go through a dry spell, consistency of work, as well as regular pay, are guaranteed. In fact, we have branches all over the world, making us one of the leading names among freelance writing agencies.

Wondering how much you’ll get paid with us?

Here are the top six places where you can earn the maximum wages with us.

1. India

 Freelancing has been steadily rising as one of the most preferred sources of income for the Indian youth. India has the second highest number of freelancers in the world: a whopping 15 million (Source: article titled ‘India’s freelance economy is booming in 2016' published on Now that means that 40% of the total freelance writing jobs online have been taken up by Indians! To get the pay you deserve for your hard work and talent, is the best place as with us you can earn anywhere between Rs 125 and Rs 330 for writing just about 250 words!

2. Kenya

According to the ex-principal secretary of the Ministry of Devolution and Planning in Kenya, there are more than 40,000 freelancers in the country, and the majority of them (47.5%) actively look for academic writing jobs. Well then, you will be glad to know that we have those on offer as well along with a host of other projects! And we have very rewarding pay in store too! Freelancing with us can land you KES 200 to KES 500 for every 250 words that you compose for us.

3. Bangladesh

Lack of jobs and poor economy has pushed many a Bangladeshi to take up freelance writing gigs so that they can have a decent lifestyle for themselves. In fact, freelancing is so popular in Bangladesh that there are currently more than 550,000 registered freelancers in the country (source: article published in The Daily Star titled, ‘Young freelancers show the way’), and all of them are quite young! So if you want to polish your writing skills and get the opportunity to show your talent to the world, you should kick-start your writing career with us. With us, you will be receiving the best pay in the industry, which is BDT 180 to BDT 395 for writing just 250 words.

4. Ukraine

Ukraine, according to the statistics report released by, ranks number three in the world when it comes to top freelancing countries that report the highest year-on-year earning growth. Ukrainian writers are high in demand throughout the world as they offer the highest quality write-ups. If you want the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, then is the one and only platform for you. The kind of money you will earn with us is something you will not find elsewhere. For every 250 words written by you, we offer UAH 50 to UAH 125.

5. Pakistan

The number of freelancers in Pakistan is growing rapidly, and has increased from 33.3% to 39.9% in 2015 (Source: article published on titled, ‘Pakistan is Now 2nd Fastest growing Freelancer Country’). So if you love to write and want to jump in on the freelance writing bandwagon, we have some really cool and exciting projects waiting for you. If you want to know how much we will pay you for your effort, let us tell you that you will not be disappointed. Our pay scale ranges between PKR 240 to 250 for every 250 words written.

6. Philippines

The Philippines, as we all know, has been riddled with the glaring problem of unemployment. And freelancing has proven itself to be a viable solution to this problem. Since the Philippines is known to be one of the best English speaking countries in Asia, its freelance writers have attracted clients from all over the world. If you have a flair for penning down words and want to escape the effects of unemployment, join our team of the most satisfied and happy freelancers. We have the highest wages on offer for you, and you can expect to get anywhere between PHP 98 and PHP 258 for every 250 words that your write.

So these are the top 6 places that you can get the highest wages at if you work with us. We are sure that you will enjoy working with us as we will give you the liberty to choose the project you wish to work on. So join us and start the journey of a successful career with us. 

Do You Wish To Earn A Lot With Freelance Writing? Join To Make Your Dreams Come True

Earning is on every freelance writer's mind, and we cannot blame you for putting money right on top of your priority list. Well, now you can make your dream of earning the big bucks come true with We have the highest paying freelance writing gigs for you. With us, you can work at the hour most convenient for you and can even maximize your take-home income. We always pay on time. To be a part of our team, you simply have to give an online English test.

If you have any doubts or inquiries, give us a call on +918287410000 right away.
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