Freelance Apt Hour Gauge: How much time is good enough time

“Slow and steady wins the race”.  You must have heard this proverb. You must be wondering how this  goes with today’s topic of discussion. Well, many think that freelancing is an easy job. But the fact is that it is one of the challenging career options. Once you get to know the key secret of becoming a successful freelancer, it will become easier for you to see yourself in a winning position. Time management is considered to be one of the most effective ways to attain excellence.

Majority of the freelancers often come up with the question- “how much time should I dedicate to work?” It is really hard to quantify the amount. Many work 8 hours a day but still fail to complete a project within the deadline, whereas some manage to accomplish a task before the deadline by working only 4 hours. This blog is a tutorial on managing time wisely.

How to manage time to work proficiently?

It is not about the number of hours. It is about how you can manage your time and work efficiently. You need to have an idea about the tasks required to become a successful freelancer. They are mentioned below.

  • Updating the knowledge base.
  • Enhancing skill set.
  • Networking with the professionals.
  • Building relationships with your clients.
  • Marketing your skills or service.
  • Keeping accounting and the books.

You have to make sure that sufficient time is allotted for doing each task mentioned above.

Allot some time for planning

Before you start dealing with a particular project, read and understand all the requirements. It will help you make a plan. . Suppose you are a freelance content writer and you have to write a blog on the black hole. Divide the task into small chunks like researching, thinking, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading and allocate time accordingly.

Create a daily schedule

If you do not create a proper work schedule everyday, you will not be able to work proficiently. A productive day starts with a proper plan.  Since every project is not similar in nature, it is recommended to create your work schedule daily.

Allow some time for distractions

Gone are the days when hard work was the only solution. Act smart. Do not keep on working all the time. Get some time to pamper yourself. Refresh yourself. It will help you work more productively.  Watch a movie. Listen to music. Go for an outing. Come on, live your life to the fullest.

 Check your inbox  

Some people check their inbox while working. This is a not a good habit. It can create a negative impact on your productivity. It is suggested to allot 10 minutes for this task. Check your inbox everyday before you start working.   

Do some socializing

Social networking sites are considered as effective mediums for marketing and advertising. If you are a freelancer, you should market your service or product. Remember, marketing is one of the ways to get more projects. Therefore, find some time from your daily schedule to post something regarding your profession or service on social media sites.

Expand the network of your clients

You should build a good relationship with your clients. If you fail to impress your clients, it will become difficult for you to get big projects. If you are thinking that giving your best is sufficient to become a preferred freelancer, then you know nothing about this industry. Of course, you need to produce quality work. But maintaining regular contact with your clients is also necessary.  

Find out some time to update yourself   

If you want to build a bright career in this industry, then you should keep on updating yourself. Updating refers to the task of improving your knowledge base and doing a research on the current trends of the industry. Dedicate at least 1 hour a day for this task.

Get some time to assess your progress

If you do not have any idea about your own position, then how you will improve yourself. The task of assessing yourself should be there in your work schedule. Allot some time for this assessment task as well.

As the topic discussed in this blog is a subjective one. How much time freelancers should dedicate to work cannot be defined specifically. All you need to do is to divide 24 hours into several chunks and accommodate each task accordingly.


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