7 Freelancing Misconceptions you need to Rethink about

The general perception about freelancing, is working independently from the comfort of your home. But how much of it is true? Do you picture people doing their work in their bed as soon as they wake up or kids running and playing around the laptop? Does this make you think that freelancers are inefficient as they have to deal with lots of distractions? Well, these thoughts are considered as typical beliefs. Such beliefs are only misconceptions and are false with freelancing.

Today, we will discuss some of the common misconceptions of freelancers and consider breaking the ice.

They are Lazy to do Regular Jobs

Generally, people presume that laziness lowers their productivity. This is not true. They have to split their work schedule accordingly as they work from their home. It is difficult to manage household chores and work singlehandedly. Orders are restricted to a time limit. They have to stick to the specified deadline, and hence it is mostly found that freelancers work as soon as they wake up. A minimal time span of 15 to 20 hours per week is maintained by them as per the work requirements.

It is very hard to find a relation between remote-working and low productivity. People must actually consider the reverse. Why? It is because, waking up early in the morning and completing a task, before distractions at day, makes the work productive as well as qualitative. Always remember that freelancing requires more effort than regular jobs.

Single Individuals are Efficient Freelancers

People consider that stay-at-home parents get bored sitting idle all day at home and opt for freelancing to bring some productivity into their lives. It is also believed that students take up such employment option to earn some extra pocket money. Clients consider that students and homemakers will be inefficient as compared to single individuals. This is not at all true. Relationship status cannot decide the efficiency of the work.

Survey says that most of the remote professionals are men while females prefer to work for long hours at dedicated companies or workplaces. Now, when students are concerned, it is best to get work done by them, as younger brains are efficient with creativity and when smart solutions are required.

Freelancers are Loners

This is not true. No job is possible without proper communication and when freelancing is concerned, emails and live chat sessions are a part and parcel of it. Working remotely can be challenging as the work is done by them on their own without any guidance, but only instructions. It thus presents the efficiency of freelancers.

Again, people believe loners cannot socialize. Freelancers love to socialize. General meetings with clients and video chats are done at coffee shops or any public spots where internet connections are available. This shows that such people are good with communication skills as freelancing is solely based on communication.

I Can Earn Some Easy Money

No matter whatever job you take up, majority of freelance works are not applicable for earning easy money. There are some which provide a steady income, but many find it difficult to secure a healthy paycheck at the end of the month. Sometimes it takes a year or more for freelancers to experience a constant flow of clients and orders. The fact of this job is “earning is equal to the effort applied”. Hence, there is no easy money and busting this myth is of utmost importance.

Freelancers Struggle a lot

Struggling is a part of every job profile. People consider this type of work as challenging because it cannot provide stability. They think that freelancers shift from one job to another every month and do not have a fixed paycheck. The matter of the fact being, freelancers are smart enough to explore a variety of works, according to their skills and know how to handle their finances.

It is definitely not a regular routine of going to the workplace and coming back home with a fixed payment at the end of the month. It is a place with a variety of options and earning thus becomes interesting.

Freelancing limits Growth Options

This is a serious belief of people who are into regular jobs. They think that, working out of the traditional working system will limit their career growth, and one will need to remain at the level he started. Considering the flexibility options and the vast areas of expertise in the freelancing industry, this is a serious misconception.

Actually, freelancing is a vast industry and the growth outlets are unlimited where experience and imagination is your only savior.

Easy Career Option

Freelancing is easy, when you have the right set of skills, experience and preference in the market. But how can you get preference? Let us see. Experience comes with time. The day you begin with your freelancing career, you will need to utilize your skills and provide the best services. When you live up to the expectations of your clients, he will review your work and make it available online. These testimonials will attract more clients. As you keep on offering quality services, you will be preferred by most of the employers increasing your level of expertise and experience. Does this process look easy to you?

Yes it is, but only with the right skills and concentration on the work. No matter you work as a regular employee or become a freelancer, neither of them is easy. People must get void of this serious misconception at the earliest.

These are the list of misapprehensions which people generally have with freelancing. It is gaining popularity at the speed of light and these thoughts are not going to be available for long.

So, what is your favorite misconception on freelancing?

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