Top 5 Freelance Writing Tips To Stop Thinking and Start Doing

Apr 19, 2017

Do you have thoughts of doing something innovative? However, you have only spent time thinking about it. Is it correct?  Remember the saying that thinking only brings you closer in inches and working on ideas brings you closer in miles. You might want a good career, but you have not achieved it. Sometimes your hard work did not yield much dividend. This has created doubts about your ability and credentials. Irrespective of all these reasons, you should not hold yourself back and spent too much time thinking. Get up and buckle up! It's time to stop thinking and start doing.

Don’t spend too much time thinking

Over thinking can paralyze your creativity. Such a habit is of no benefit. On the other hand, it can create unnecessary barriers for you. It is important to plan and make strategies, but implementing them is of greater value to you. From the viewpoint of freelancers, it is important that they initiate their tasks without delaying it unnecessarily. You need to believe in yourself and start working on your assignments. Don’t let past failures deter you from showing your abilities and skills.  Therefore, trust in your talent, focus on your goals and begin your work. You have to be optimistic in your approach. Do not crib about difficulties. Life is not a bed of roses, and nobody said it would be easy. Optimism is a contributing factor of creativity. It needs no rocket science to understand that creativity helps in producing quality work. If you spend too much time on thinking rather than working, then you will become a severe victim of procrastination.

Here are top 5 tips to fight procrastination.

Browse through different assignment options

It is important that you start browsing through various jobs. It's important that you search for appropriate work for yourself rather than waiting for work. You have to be proactive in your approach. The more work you have, the less time you spend on thinking. Therefore, it is important to begin with your job without procrastinating. 

Increase your network

You have to expand your network. This is a significant step. You need to communicate more to have better views and ideas from people. The more you talk to people outside your circle, the more benefits you have. The interaction of different thinking style of people helps you to develop your personality. It helps you to develop your creativity and thereby helps you to improve your quality. You need to mix with people who can bring the best out of you and contribute to your improvement. You need to make sure that the people are new and do not belong to your area of expertise. People belonging to your field of specialization tend to create negativity around you. Negative conversations do not aid your cause. In fact, it will compound your issues and your doubts. Thus, it is important that you increase your network and mingle with people outside your circle.

Get an idea of different websites

You lose interest in your work when you feel stagnant in freelance writing job. It could be that your relation with your clients is not healthy, and you are facing some issues. Therefore, at times we get directionless and feel stagnant in our growth. In such situations, it's important that we do not sit idle and wait for changes to happen. You need to get our acts together and make things happen. You need to make sure that you go through different websites to create a better opportunity for yourself. By going through various websites, you have a better chance of applying your skills in a better place. Proper utilization of skills and abilities is critical for improving quality and productivity of freelancing. This motivates you to work harder and has a higher morale. This reduces the chance of over thinking and makes you implement your plans and actions.

Stop worrying about client’s reputation

Most of us worry about reputation and goodwill of clients. It's a common tendency of us to flock towards clients who have a better name and goodwill. However, getting reputed clients is not an easy task, and it might take time for you to get one. You might feel disturbed and upset in the early stages when you do not get a good client base. Lack of reputed client base adds to your issues. One solution to this is that we should stop worrying about client's reputation. We should evaluate and assess the type of work we want to do. It is important that you focus more on our work rather than worry about the clients that you would get. It helps you to stay occupied, work on assignments and helps you to stay away from doubts and confusions. Therefore, this solution is vital in helping you to work more and think less.

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