Freelance Writing Career: How To Become An Entrepreneur

Jul 19, 2017

It is Saturday morning at the office and passing every minute seems like passing a year. How amazing it would have been if Mondays had not existed in the calendar! Well, if you are tired of doing a so-called desk job, then be your own boss and work according to your convenience. Yes, you are thinking right, you can opt for freelancing! Many think that this is an uncertain career. But the present scenario is not like as it was five years ago. The freelancing industry has undergone a drastic change in the last few years. Lately, this has been considered to be one of the most flourishing fields. If you want to be self-employed then do not think twice. Start taking initiatives now.

Be it web designing, photography, logo designing, or content writing, freelancing can be done for any profession. This career comes with several challenges. Remember, nothing comes easy in this world. If you want to see yourself as a successful freelancer, you need to put in a lot of efforts.  This blog could help know some untold facts about this field.

Freelancing provides the experience that is necessary for becoming an entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamt of running your own business? Is there something holding your back? Well, you can become an entrepreneur.. The chief reason why many people fail to set up their business is lack of experience. You will be surprised to know, that many business tycoons have started their careers as freelancers. Here we are going to look at  how freelancing can help you   become an industrialist.

1. Building A Large Network

You need to build a network of professionals for setting up your own business. If you become a freelancer, it will be easier for you to get to know many clients, eminent personalities, and advisors. Marketing the product or service is necessary for expanding a business. The more contacts you have, the more popular your product or service will become.

2. An Idea About Your Capabilities

Freelancing provides you the opportunity to be your own boss. You are responsible for your own work.  Whether you will do your job dedicatedly or not, it’s up to you. This is considered to be the best way to judge your capabilities.

3. Good Income And Better Lifestyle

The best thing about freelancing is that you can work in flexible hours. . Most interestingly, you can earn more money. But you have to make sure that you produce quality work within the deadline. This career option will help you find a balance between your professional and personal life.

4. Similarities Between Your Own Business And Freelancing

Let us look at the resemblances between setting up a company and freelancing.

  • Freedom
  • Flexible working hours
  • Responsibility for making financial decisions and budget
  • Desire to establish your identity in the professional field

As there are several similarities between these two fields, if you start your career as a freelancer, you can definitely gain experience to run your own company.

5. Freelancing- A Stepping Stone To Better Things

As setting up a business is not so easy, you should not rush to become an entrepreneur. It is recommended to begin your career as a freelancer. . Once you become well-acquainted with every aspect of your profession, you can easily take initiatives to run your own business. Freelancing can help you achieve the pinnacle of success.

6. Freelancing As A Permanent Career Option

Many think that freelancing is a part-time job. But this notion is absolutely wrong. Freelancing can be a permanent-career option. You will be surprised to know that a freelancer’s monthly income is higher than those who do nine to five jobs. According to Payoneer’s survey, in 2015, annual income of the freelancers who work 36 hours per week is more than $ 39,000. Many well-established professionals have quit their desk jobs to become freelancers. If you are thinking about quitting your job then it is better to opt for part-time freelancing so that you can understand whether you are comfortable with this field or not.

7. Contemporary Economic Scenario

If you are planning to be a freelancer, first you need to know the prospects of freelancing in the current economic scenario. Different business houses have spent more than 1 billion dollar to create an effective online work platform, having more than 4 million registered freelancers, offering several skills.  If you do a research on this industry, you will get to know that it is a booming sector. Several freelancing sites have come into existence in the last few decades.

Today’s freelancers are blessed with ample technologies. With smartphones, tabs, laptops and high-internet connection the young generation has got the feeling that there is no need for a conventional physical office. You can easily get jobs through internet platforms and can get the job done from any place and any time. . Now you must have understood why freelancing is considered to be the stepping stone to success. Think different, to be one of the path breakers.

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