Academic Writing Jobs: Top 5 Tips to Make Money Online

Jun 07, 2017

Freelancing has recently witnessed a surge in popularity the world over. And naturally so as freelancing does offer quite a few benefits that a regular 9-5 desk job can’t ever provide. You get to be your own boss, after all, directing how and when you work at all times. Out of all the various fields of freelancing though, academic writing has become one of the most favored due to the variety of work that it offers. You can almost never get bored as you will always be writing about something different.

However, if you are new to academic writing, you may be curious about how to make money online through your job. Now that’s where we’ll help you out. Given below are the top five tips that can help you make a lot of money via online academic writing jobs.

1. Enhance Your Writing Skills

First things first – to get paid more and to be the favorite freelance academic writer of most clients, you need to work on your writing skills. The academic papers produced by you have to be top-notch and completely error-free for you to justify charging a high rate. So if you believe you lack somewhere – whether it's in sentence construction, the correct use of grammar or punctuation as well as spellings, it's time you ironed out those flaws. Remember that a skilled writer is always in demand.

2. Start Your Own Blog

If you are earnest about being a freelance academic writer and want to earn as much as possible through it, you have to be good at advertising yourself which means that you should know how to flaunt the skills you possess. The best way to do that is to start a blog of your own. Published articles can really impress recruiters, and having a blog of your own is the most inexpensive way to provide proof of your talent. You can also try guest blogging if maintaining your own blog is too much of a hassle for you. Just approach fellow bloggers and ask them if they will allow you to publish an article on their blog. Do it for free if you have to as this exposure can take you high up on the earning ladder.

3. Have a Convincing Demeanor at All Times

You can argue that having good writing skills and your own blog to show off your skills and samples should convince potential clients to hire you on the rates you desire. But sadly, that is not enough. It will still need a lot of convincing for a client to agree to pay you more than the competitors you have. This means that you will have to be on your best behavior at all times. You will have to try to be your convincing best, and you’ll have to deal patiently with the counterarguments your client throws at you. However, there’s more you need to do. To truly win over a client so that he keeps coming back to you whenever he needs work, you will have to make sure on your own end that you follow the instructions provided by him without making mistakes. If you are bit nervous, you can start by taking up lower budget projects and gradually building your confidence so you can convince your clients to pay you more.

4. Register Yourself on Several Academic Freelancing Websites

To be a top freelance academic writer, you have to build strong connections with as many as clients as possible. You can do that by registering on multiple academic freelance writing website. Not only will this help you expand your network, but your chances of landing big budget projects will increase by leaps and bounds as well. Some of the best sites you can sign up for include names such as Uvocorp.com, Essaywriters.net, Essayshark.com, Writerslabs.com, NerdyTurtlez.com and many more. Alternatively, you can also find work via social media directly from students. So make sure you have a full page on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

5. Stay Positive

To be fair, the process of earning via online academic writing jobs can be a very taxing one. Unlike a desk job, you will not have a steady income over here until and unless you strike it big. And that may take a while, which means you probably will have to go through several dry spells before you can get the cash flowing. Plus, there can be rejections from clients, negative feedback and in some cases, you may not even get paid – all of which can really bring you down. This is why staying positive amidst such hard times is very important for your career. You will have to keep your faith alive and believe in your abilities in order to be a truly successful academic writer.

There are other things as well that you can do to ensure you get to make money online. These include things like having a mentor who can guide you through the entire process, reading the academic articles of well-established freelancers and learning from them as well as increasing your typing speed so that you can take up more work to earn more. You can pick and choose any of these activities to find your success mantra.

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