Freelance Writing: 5 Significant Reasons Why Freelancers Fail

Aug 02, 2017

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing and popular professions in this competitive environment. It takes lot of courage to get it started because of certain risks. Some have been successful while others have not made the mark. This remains the bitter truth of freelancing. You need to be very cautious while taking your step into the world of freelancing. It requires experience, profound knowledge, expertise and strong networking. This profession is uncertain as it does not involve a fixed income. Even then, the success rate of this occupation is growing rapidly. However, the question is for the reasons why many of the freelancers fail.

Some of the significant reasons can be observed as follows:

Lack in Proper Planning and Organizing

The most common reason behind the failure of freelancers is its lack of proper work structure. Many of them fail to plan the production process in an efficient manner. For a successful profession, planning is the most significant step at the initial stage. No business can run successfully without a sound strategy. You need to frame a picture with respect to your tasks, specialization element, timings and other necessary factors. You need to prepare a budget on your investments and returns as per your expectations. You should also make a list of your contacts you have and chalk down the ways you want to increase the same. Your work structure should be well organized in order to enhance your career. Many freelancers slip to do so and hence, they are not able to perform well.

Fail to Execute

Planning of job is useless without its execution. You might be good at designing the strategy, but if you are not able to perform, then there is no point. For example, for an academic examination, you prepare the syllabus well, but during the exam you could not write the correct answers. As a result you would not score high marks. Similarly, as a freelancer, only planning does not help you in achieving the target. You have to execute it at the same time. In this profession, you have to set a business framework on your own. You need to have the expertise in your respective area of task, to deliver the best work. It will help you in developing your business in terms of production.   

Fail to Fix Appropriate Rates or Prices

Another essential reason why many freelancers fail to sustain in the business is their pricing strategy. Freelancing is a profession that many people are pursuing nowadays. Thus, you have to be very careful while fixing the prices of your services. Many professionals are engaged into freelance business, so if you charge high prices, your present and prospective client would approach others. On the other hand, if you charge less, they will presume your work quality to be poor. Therefore, if this decision goes wrong, you might not survive in this occupation. Research and gather current market information before you set the rates.

Fail to Serve Clients

The prime rule of a business is to serve your clients well. You must have the skills of providing service to your patrons. If you fail to fulfill their requirements, your business sustainability might be at risk. Therefore, know what your clients want, their requirements and when do they want the same. In addition to this, your way of communication should be clear and understandable. Knowing about their dislikes in terms of projects would be a better way. Many freelancers fail because they are not able to render the needs of their patrons. Sometimes you provide wrong information or you don’t treat them well. This should not be your working approach in freelancing business. Hence, try to deliver the best service to your clients which will assist you in growing in the profession in a successful manner.

Lack in Making Strong Connections

Strong networking helps you to flourish your business. Lack of strong connections might put you at risk and fail to preserve it. You often start your business with people you know. But sustaining in the long run with known clients only can be tough.  You have to come out of the comfort zone and approach society to expand your work. There are many ways to increase your connections like social media, socializing, online presence, meeting individuals. You need to know the society about their needs, which helps you in delivering the task in a better way. Along with that, you should also be updated with the current affairs and market industry. It will help you in interacting with the individuals to extend your contacts. Many freelancers have the skill of delivering exclusive work, but some of them lack in strong communication. To be successful in the freelancing career, you need to have strong communication skills as well. You should have the idea about how to connect with clients to get more work.

It can be said that the profession of freelancing involves risk. Apart from the subject matter expertise, you should have other skills. In case you work for an employer, you do not need to think much. You get a work structure that is already planned by your superiors. You tend to deliver your production for a confined job profile. While, in case of self-employment, you have to plan and execute everything. Organizing the business, investments, expenditures, return on investment, production of job or any other activity is to be planned and performed by you. Hence, to be a successful freelancer you need to prepare a good business strategy.

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