How To Become A Good Freelance Blogger: Top 15 Qualities

May 23, 2017

Are you an aspiring freelance blogger and wondering what are the qualities every successful freelancer should have? Here is the list of qualities for your reference.

A good blogger must have good writing skills along with some other good qualities. Besides, you should have good learning skills. The more you learn about freelance writings, the more professional you will be. Remember, writing is your business and you are the entrepreneur. The better writer you are, the greater your value to the clients.

Are you excited about your freelancing jobs? It is like ‘Sink or Swim’. Good freelance bloggers are like treasures to the company and they carry lots of same qualities. It you have not incorporated these personalities yet, try to grab it.

Top 15 Qualities of a Good Freelance Blogger:

1. Effective Writing Skills:

Committing technical mistakes is the most common mistake that freelancers do while writing blogs. Effective writing skill is required to successfully convey the message through your blogs. In order to write the blogs in a compelling manner, you need to brush your basics first before proceeding further. . Remember, first you have to diminish the fear of blank page or blinking cursor. Even if nobody reads your writing, keep practicing.

2. Focus to Details:

Before you start writing, you need to concentrate all the instructions given by your clients. Write them down in a file. Writing helps you to remember the things you need to pay heed to. A good blogger needs to be a good editor also. After completing your writing, verify whether all the requirements have been met or not.

3. Expertise:

Establishing your expertise in your professional career is the most crucial factor that will make you a successful freelance blogger. If you deal with the subject that you are expert in, you become more experienced within a short time span. Specializing is the best way to boost your career. The clients like to hire people who understand what they are dealing with. The greater degree of experience you will receive, the more your blogger rate will increase.

4. Confidence:

Most of the freelancers have a low level of confidence which prevents them to reach beyond the niche. Express your ideas and thoughts with confidence. If you fail to do this, try the most common trick. Fake it until you make it. The fake confidence will eventually become true confidence.

5. Reliability:

As a freelance blogger, it is your responsibility to make the solution instead of discussing the problems all the time. Quicker task delivery will delight your clients and thus they will always tend to hire you. Remember, you might confront lot more problems besides the basic hitches. In order to deal with them, set internal deadlines, so that you can get the work done within the deadline even if any problem arises.

6. Strong Work Ethic:

Work ethic is the set of values that you need to maintain while doing your job. Even if you are a freelance blogger, take your job seriously. The work ethic includes being reliable, having initiatives and maintaining social skills. Be honest with your client and yourself also.

7. Diligent, Gracious, and Hard-Working:

It is the top quality of a good freelance blogger. These qualities help you to diminish your fear and engage in your work completely.

8. Humble:

Accept both the positive and negative feedbacks of your clients as a part of your job. Positive feedbacks carry you ability that needs to be maintained. On the other way, the negative feedbacks need to be worked on. Through balancing both, you will able to bring the best in you.

9. Stick to Assigned Word Count:

When you are writing blogs, try to stick to the word count that is given to you. Writing less will not be accepted and writing more might be cancelled. Further, if you try to increase or reduce your word count, it might hamper the quality of your writings. It would be better if you make a plan before starting your blog writing and proceed according to that.

10. Curious about Researching:

Having curiosity about researching means you are curious about everything happens around you. Always keep yourself updated about the latest news and information. When you are writing blogs, you need to include things that are new to people. The more you make your writing attractive, the higher your blogger rate will be.

11. Loner:

Being a loner is not all that bad. This is can work wonders and could help you have a successful freelancing blogger career. When you are writing blogs, try to concentrate on your work completely. Take yourself away from all the distracting activities. Never answer phone calls while writing any blog. Try to find a place where no one can disturb you. If your home leaves you unproductive and frustrated, try to find a place outside your home. Public places like parks, local library, coffee shops can be the places where you can work comfortably.

12. Self-Motivated:

Remember, you are the sole engine behind your dream. Get you own schedule ready and pursue it on a regular basis. This is the actual challenge in doing freelance blog writing. When you are doing freelancing jobs, something always beckons you to enjoy other things. You have to motivate yourself all the time to complete your task within a specific period.

13. Doggedly Determined:

Sometimes, you might feel like you are throwing a bunch of seeds up into the air and none of them are coming back. Self doubt might creep in. Dogged determination is necessary to deal with fear and uncertainty. As per the Newton’s law, the seeds will come back to the earth, take root and blossom. Learn to trust yourself.

14. Mental Multitasker:

You need to maintain many tasks besides writing the blogs only. Try to make a mental plan about how you will maintain organized spreadsheets, when you will speak to your clients, how you will follow up the invoices etc.

Here are 13 ways to overcome writer's mental block.

15. Persistent:

No matter how fantastic a blogger you are, you will definitely confront rejection. Instead of taking is personally, accept it as a challenge. If a client does not response you back, simply move on to another prospective client.

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