Top 5 Tips to Cope with Being Bored as a Freelancer

Apr 25, 2017

Living the life of a freelancer does sound exciting and attractive to you. This is mainly because of the flexibility and freedom that you get to enjoy. When you imagine the life of your friends and your former coworkers, you get to see that they live in a cubicle. However, it is said that the grass is always greener on the other side. Certain things are much more than what meets the eye. The prospect of working from an isolated location, away from the crowd can be calming.

At the same time, it can get a bit depressing. It makes you feel unexcited and bored. What you have to realize is, that freelancers have to meet certain requirements. Meeting deadlines, providing quality work and being innovative are some of the criteria that you have to meet. There could be moments when you are tired, or you might get stuck on an idea, which does not allow you to produce quality work. It is a product of a tired mind. You need ways to handle the freelancing blues. Here are some of the tips to cope with freelance boredom.

Take Breaks at Short Intervals

One of the common phenomena is that when you work for hours at length, your mind gets tired. The mental wear out is much more than physical wear out. To maintain the creativity and the concentration level, it is critical that you take small breaks at frequent intervals. You can stretch yourself a bit, take a short work, eat a snack or listen to some music to freshen up your mind. It helps you to sustain the concentration that is required for producing quality work, especially when you are working for long hours. Thus, you can see that taking short breaks at intervals have a direct bearing on your mental state and the quality of work.

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Change Your Type of Work

Doing the same kind of tasks over and over again can make you master your skills in a particular work. However, it cannot be denied that it can become monotonous and boring for you. To repeat similar assignments frequently can make the work redundant to you. It is said that time changes things but then you have to realize that you have to change it yourself. It is important that you modify the type of work you do to revive your interest and morale. This is a very psychological thing as you believe that change has been made to your work and we all know that change is the form of nature.

Write and Express Your Personal Feelings

We all go through an emotional roller coaster ride. There is sunshine and at times there are murky storms in our life. We experience fluctuating emotions. There could be many reasons for it, and one of them relates to work. The hectic and tiring work can sometimes get the better of you. This is the time you have to realize the power of the pen. So many emotions go disregarded by us in the daily routine of our work. Capturing them using pen and paper is an excellent idea. It helps you vent in a very peaceful way. Writing your personal feelings or maintaining diaries is not a senile habit. On the contrary, it helps you to be in a better mental state and also help you to fight boredom.

Get Ample Rest

Getting ample rest is a vital fact that you need to remember. Lack of rest will make you feel dull and can affect your creativity. It will affect your productivity as well. Thus, you have to remember that rest is mandatory for you. The benefit of early to bed and early to rise is a universal truth. Make sure you have sufficient hours of sleep. In addition to this, it is also important that you take power naps during the day to recharge and rejuvenate your energy.  Thus, you can see the importance of rest in your daily life.

Change Your Surrounding and Your Workspace

One thing that you have to remember is, your workplace and surroundings have a very strong effect on your mind. It might seem a trivial point, but then it has a strong bearing on you. Being in the same surrounding and same workspace can make you feel bored and frustrated beyond a point. The mind needs certain changes to occur. In such a circumstance, it is important that you change your workspace. Maybe amending the paintings on the wall, changing the interiors of the room or putting new posters or wallpapers can bring about a necessary change for you that will make you tackle the boredom. You will feel contentment about the changes to the surrounding in your room which will mentally make you feel the change. 

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Indulging in Socializing

Socializing is one of the common practices seen among people. Social needs are one of the basic and most essential needs of humans. The popularity of social media is a witness to it. You need to understand that socializing is a very important habit you need to inculcate if you require to enjoy your work and have the necessary leisure that will keep you sane and sound. You can join freelancing groups and sites that will help you communicate with other freelancers. It is important because sometimes when we work remotely, we might run out of motivation and ideas. It can lead to loss of appetite for success and creativity. Socializing helps you regain that. Thus, it is one of the necessary methods to kill boredom.

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