Freelance Writing: The New Age Work Paradigm

Aug 09, 2017

Do you have the fear of recession? Of course, you are well aware of this word, and it has proved that traditional jobs are no more “secure”.  Secure your life, your future, with some extra income. Be a freelancer and work on your own terms. Freelancing provides you with freedom. You are free to choose your working hours, clients and job location. You will be your own boss. So, you will not be answerable to anyone for your actions. Well, these are the few reasons why freelancing is considered as the new age paradigm. If you are not convinced with these few points then here are some other points for you.

Freelance Jobs vs. 9 to 5 Jobs

The traditional 9 to 5 jobs are slowly losing its importance. Look at what the economic experts have to say about this. According to these experts, the freelancers had earned around 930 million dollars by the end of 2014.

Workers today want to go solo. Freelancing is both easier and safer because here you do not have the fear of termination. As a freelancer, if you lose an assignment from one client then there are other clients, who will provide you with a different job.

According to Henry W. Brown, the life as a freelancer was a better life. Henry worked in the advertisement department of a company for 11 long years. According to him, in these 11 long years, he had no such thing called, “life”. Henry then started his career as a freelancer. Previously, he used to put his effort for 15 hours a day. Today he works for 30 hours a week and earns a salary in six figures. Now he has time for his yoga sessions, bike rides, and for lunch dates with family and friends. No wonder why 23 million people in the year 2013 became self-employed. If you do not trust these words, then you could check the reports of the US Census Bureau.

Eat When You Are Hungry

In full-time office jobs, even if you want, you could not take 2-3 hours of intervals. Even if you need that, you will not get it, because that is not feasible. Thus, you have to face situations like eating your lunch at a time when you are not hungry. Independent workers or the freelancers do not face such issues. Independent work is all about delivering the task on time. No one will ask you how you have completed the entire assignment. Have you taken too many breaks or not? So just, relax and do your job. Submit it on time and enjoy your life.

Beneficial For The Companies

Freelance jobs have become a new age work paradigm because both the freelancers and the employers rely on it. Many employers prefer hiring a freelancer and not a full-time worker. Take the example of Cargill, the food company. The manager of this endeavor, Michael Balay, hired specialized independent people to manage different projects. The people are hired on a contractual basis, and they are all independent workers. According to Balay, hiring freelancers has made things easier for him. Hiring freelancers has turned out as a boon for the companies.

Freelancers Are Affordable

Freelancers are available at a cheaper cost and thus most of the time they are affordable.  The employers will not have to bear expenses such as the, mailing expenses.

Flexibility is A Boon For Bboth The Client And The Freelancer

Flexibility helps both the freelancers and the business organization. Flexibility is there for the business organizations as well. If you are running a company and you have closed your shop at the night, you will not have to worry about who is going to update your web page. Your freelancer will do that work when you are closing your shop.

Experience Counts A Lot

Freelancers gather loads of experience because they work for varied kinds of clients. You could use their experience for your business. You are sure to earn profit with the help of these freelancers.

It Is Not Without Any Shortcomings

Everything that is there in this world has some kind of shortcomings or the other. Freelancing jobs also have certain deficiencies. Like, if you work as a freelancer, then you will not get the support of a team. In a full-time office job, you have the support of the team. Now wait for a moment and think for a while. Do you always receive the support from your staff? Do you never feel, at times, that they are your liabilities and not your support?

If you think deeply, you will find the answers to these questions. We can say that the independent contractual works do have shortcomings, but they are nevertheless helpful for both the employees and the employers. No wonder it is being considered as the new age work paradigm.

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