Freelancing Tips and Top Places while working in Public

Mar 27, 2017

Freelancing is the freedom of working from anywhere you want. There is no need to get out of your bed and dress up to work. But, if your home leaves you unproductive and frustrated, you must think about some other places.

What about working in public places? So many places are there, where you can be as productive as you are in your home. The good old coffee shop can be a great idea, where you can enjoy the atmosphere, coffee and your work too. The place is up to you and your preferences. Just open yourself up to a new space and new opportunities.

Public freelance work space for you:

1. Cafes and coffee shops:

Most of the freelancers’ natural choice is to work from café or coffee shops. You might be bored at your home because of the silence. The concept of ‘Noise is bad’ is wrong. You need to find out at which level of public noise, you can work. The low level of background noise at a coffee shop can help you to go beyond your productive level.

2. Local library:

A local library can be a best choice where you will love to work. For example, if you are a writer, you will get books which can help you with your work.  Library is a place where you can concentrate deeply in your work.

3. Studio space:

If you find yourself productive neither at your home nor in public places, a studio space will be perfect for you. It is not a fully fledged office where many work together. Rather, it is quite similar to private space where few numbers of people will work with you.

4. Co-working space:

Unlike the studio space, co-working space is a kind of large office where smaller spaces and desks are available for rent. The only advantage you will have is no time bound will be there.

5. My own freelance work space in public place:

If you want to work under the open sky, you must find a place where you can work separately.  It can be a neighborhood park or a large playground. Or, you can choose to work beside a fountain or lake.

Tips for working in public places:

1. Pinpoint a spot as per your choice and preference:

Find a place of your choice, where you are comfortable with your work. If you love the place, you will love your work too. Remember, you should find a place where the sounds are soothing.

2. Make sure you can concentrate on your work:

Whatever place you choose, make sure that you can concentrate on your work. You should remember that you are here to enhance your productivity, not to enjoy the place or your free time. For example, if you choose to work at coffee shop, pick a comfortable table one in the corner beside the window.

3. Make sure you can access the internet there:

Before commit to work at any place, make sure that it has WiFi. Otherwise, bring your own internet source. You can choose a place where WiFi access is allowed freely because at the coffee shops or ice cream parlors free access may not be allowed. 

4. It best suits your basic need of working:

During your work time, you need some minimal requirements in order to maintain your general comfort level. If you have the habit of taking coffee during work, choose any coffee shop as your chosen place of work. However, you prefer some other place; you could carry some food and coffee with you. . Besides, some of you may like listening to music while working. Music controls your emotion levels and boosts your productivity. Enjoy only the audio, not the video, during your work time.

5. Keep your data and secure while working in public place:

You must remember that when you work in public places, there is a high probability of your data to get disclosed. In order to keep it safe and secure, you need to choose a place where no one can bring his eyes over your head.

6. Find creative energy:

Try to find a place that gives you creative vibes so that you can work with a strong energy. 

7. Block your time:

When you are freelancing in public places, do nothing else aside from it. This is the way of keeping yourself away from all possible distractions. Get all the necessary arrangements done before start working and make sure no unnecessary actions will distract you.

8. Follow 40-10 rule:

You can use the 40-10 rule while working in public places. This means, you allow yourself to take a 10 minute break for every 40 minutes of work. This is because, if you work continuously without taking any breaks, you will be tired soon. During these 10 minutes, rest your eyes and mind, take a short walk, or stretch your hands and legs. But don’t go browsing several websites or talking over the phone.  It might distract you and thus you might find difficulty in resuming work once the break is over.

9. Follow pareto principle:

The Pareto principle is based on 80-20 rule. This means, 80% of work effect comes from 20% of causes. If you skip your 20% work, it might hamper your 80% effort on that work. So, make sure that you are giving your 100% while working in public places. Remember, you are here to increase your productivity. Never let your work undone by thinking that you will do it later at home.

10. Use fishbone method:

The fishbone method is the way though which you analyze as well as troubleshoot all the issues of your productivity. If you are confronting issues in your productivity while working in a public place, try to find out the root before changing the place. Uncover the bottleneck and try to solve the problem.

11. Find friendly staff:

If there are others like you, working at the same place, try to be nice with them. If you are not good to others, you cannot expect good behavior in return. Trouble might hamper your work.

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