Freelancers On The Move: Tablet or Laptop

Mar 04, 2017

In this era of globalization, technology is evolving like never before. Technical innovation is minimizing of electronic equipment. At the same time, the mobility of devices is increasing randomly. You might think that how these technical factors are going to affect freelancers’ lifestyle. In freelancing, you should have a laptop or a tablet with a high-speed internet connection. It gives you the mobility to work from wherever you want. We freelancers rely on technical improvements and therefore, may need to adopt the most recent innovation for improving our work experience.

Freelancers are free to work from anywhere they want. The only thing they need is mobile devices, which are easy to carry. Especially, if you have to change location frequently, then the devices need to be light weighted. Therefore, the comparison between laptop and tablet occurs. The tablet is an easily manageable device in contrast with a laptop. However, it comes with many pros and cons. Both of these devices can be remotely used. As this device is still under research and development, it fails to provide many features. The limitations like screen size, applications availability, disc installation tend the freelancers from using this device. Especially in writing job, you might face issue with the virtual keyboard. The laptop keyboard is more comfortable for those who are associated with writing projects. Here are some reasons for which you can either buy a tablet or use a laptop for your freelance work.

Tablet is easy to carry

Freelancers can work from wherever they want. Assume that you are traveling to somewhere, and you need to complete a project. Mobility is what a freelancer need. So, you can buy a tablet for fulfilling all your requirements. This device is thinner than a laptop, and it takes lower space. However, this device has a virtual keyboard and therefore, handling projects with typing will be difficult for the beginners. If you don’t have such specifications, then this is the appropriate device you can ever have. However, the laptop is a bit heavy and bigger than a tablet. If you travel so much, then this device is not appropriate for you. I would recommend having both devices at same time. In this manner, you will be able to gain advantages of both the devices.

Laptop has advanced features

The tablet is a newly introduced device with lots of limitations. On the other hand, laptops have many advanced features like DVD reader, USB ports and Ethernet port. If you are working in word and excel, then you can buy a tablet. But, in laptops, you can do almost every type of jobs like designing and video editing. Ethernet port gives you the ability to use a stable internet connection. Laptops have more powerful processor than tablets. The technology of laptop is still improving day by day. But, in case of tablets, the processors are not able to take a high load. For example, if you are using a laptop for 24x7, then things will be hassle free. However, using a tablet more than 3 hours will slow down the processes.

Durability of laptop is higher than tablet

If you work in such a field, where high-performing applications are required, then you should go for a laptop instead of a tablet. As mentioned above, laptops come with high-performing processors, the durability of this device is high. On the other hand, if you are using a tablet, you may face different issues like overheating and power issue. Moreover, tablets are not comparable with various software platforms like MAC and Windows. The majority of tablets comes with Android software application. Internet connectivity is a challenge of tablets. For example, using the internet frequently in this device, harm the battery quality of the device. Overall, you should not buy a tablet, if you work with heavy applications. Otherwise, tablets are suitable for light applications like MS office.

Screen size is a challenge of tablet

The reason for introducing tablet is to reduce space requirements. However, this makes the screen size smaller than a laptop. Now, with a small screen, you may face issues with graphic designing. In this kind of job, you need to open image files. However, it's hard to understand the exact resolution of the picture due to small screen size. It appears that the image is high quality, but actually, it’s not. On the other hand, laptops give you the exposure to understand the actual image resolution. Apart from that, if you are working on a tablet, then the virtual keyboard will cover half of the screen. It means the screen size will be even smaller than the usual.

Low Storage is a challenge in tablet

As you are working for so many clients, you have to store data for future requirements. In tablets, the storage space is maybe 32 gigabytes of lesser. On the other hand, laptop provides storage space of 2 terabytes of more. In this manner, you will be able to store all required information. Apart from that, RAM of tablets are limited to 2 GB, but in laptops, it can be more than 4 gigabytes.

Overall, laptops are more durable than tablets. Apart from that, laptops have advanced technologies, which make your work experience smoother. However, if mobility is your priority, then go for a tablet. Otherwise, if you need to run high-performing applications, then a laptop is the most suitable device for the freelancers. 

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