How to Avoid Mistakes and Jumpstarts Freelance Writing Career

Apr 22, 2017

According to the report- “Future Working: The Rise of Europe’s independent professionals”, in 2013, number of part-time freelancers has increased by 45% in Europe alone. One of the main reasons behind this is that freelancing allows you to work according to your convenience. Making some quick money is another potent factor. If you want to balance your professional as well as personal life, this can be the best career option. You can easily become successful in this industry and all thanks to the modern technology. But hold on! As every coin has two sides, this job comes with several challenges too. This blog will guide you how to overcome those obstacles and find yourself in a winning position in the field. 

Before going into the main section, let us first talk about the most common mistakes that the freshers make

1. Take multiple projects beyond their capacity

Majority of the beginners fail to understand their capability and take several projects at a time.  They miss the deadlines for submitting the projects. It creates a negative impact on the clients.

2.  Do not check all the requirements of a project

Most of the freshers rush to complete the assignments as early as possible. They do not read all the requirements of the clients and here they make the biggest mistake. They fail to impress the clients.

3. Do not pay attention on clients’ feedback

Many freelancers do not give importance to the feedbacks suggested by the clients. This is another major mistake that  beginners commit. If you fail to satisfy your employers, they will not assign you tasks or projects further.

4.  Take complicated projects

Many freelancers think that they can easily handle complicated projects. But unfortunately they screw up everything. This can ruin all their efforts.

This section of the blog will discuss how to avoid the above mentioned mistakes and jumpstart freelance writing career.

1. Do not rush! Understand the scenario first

If you are thinking about quitting your present job, then stop. Do not make any decision until you are aware with each and every aspect of the freelancing industry. It is better to do an adequate research before start working as a part-time freelancer. If you do not have sufficient idea about the contemporary scenario of this field, how you will deal with the obstacles that would come in your way.

2. Choose an area

As freelancing can be done for any field like web designing, article or blog writing, logo designing, photography etc, you need to identify the area, which you are comfortable with. Think several times before making a decision. If you have flair of writing, then you have got your answer. All you need to do is to identify your strength.

3. Register with multiple freelancing sites

At the initial stages, it is hard to get projects. Registering yourself with multiple websites can be the best way to jumpstart your freelancing career. Upwork, freelancer, fiverr, peopleperhour, and elance are some of the most well-known websites. Remember many unauthentic sites have come into existence in the last few years. Therefore, you should know how to identify an authentic freelancing site. Consider the following factors while choosing a website.

  • The site must provide 24 x 7 support
  • They should have a wide network of clients
  • The website must offer you a lucrative pay

4. Start with low budget projects

The key to become successful in the freelancing industry is to bid low initially. Clients always prefer to assign high budget projects to the known faces. If you are a fresher then you are not going to get such tasks. Keep your expectation level low and begin with low budget assignments in order to make yourself visible as a professional.

5. Do not get disappointed; keep on trying

If you want to see yourself as an established freelancer then you must have an optimistic mindset. Achieving excellence in this field is not so easy. You have to face lots of rejections and criticisms. Do not get disheartened. You have to stay focused. Just give your best and keep on trying.

6. Create your own professional website

Remember being professional is the mantra to success. You can develop your own website so that clients come to know that you work as a freelancer. It will help you connect with them and get good projects. Most of the new comers spend a very small amount for this and they end up with an average website. Do not think about your pocket when it comes to creating an effective website.

7. Take suggestions from established freelancers

If you are stuck at any point, it is recommended to consult the experts of this industry. They can teach you how to face certain situations and overcome all the challenges.

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