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Top 5 Productivity Apps You Need to Download Right Away

Top 5 Productivity Apps
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  • 18/05/2022
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Smartphones have become a necessity for people in order to get through most of the requirements of life. Several productivity applications help people to get through almost every work aspect. These applications are programmed in a way to assist the user by making the task simple and faster. They are designed to use on Smartphones, tablets or any similar gadgetsto provide help in time management. Some of these applications provide assistance free of cost while some are chargeable. The top five productivity applications that every user needs to download are Google Now, Asana, outlook, Trello and LastPass.

Google Now:

This application works on Android to deliver information that every user asks for.It is free to use on any smartphone having Android software that follows voice commands. In most of the cases, phones that are Google operated have this inbuilt feature. It provides information on current affairs, manages calendars, events, reminders, other applications certified by the device as well as third party applications. Since, it follows voice commands; you need not to take stress on typing for each task. Apart from that, this app is designed to operate other applications like placing a call. Hence, every Android user should install this application that assists to work faster.


It helps to maintain email threads in a single project used to form tasks, assign work to employees and maintain work thread. This application is designed to use on web as well as on the smartphones. It is a simple way for teams to maintain their tasks, details and also to get results. Through this application, you can keep a track of your team members with respect to their daily production, pending works or any other relevant details. Like Google Now, this app is also free and easy to use. You should download and install it to manage your team records right from the start until the end.

Microsoft Outlook:

It is an application to concise various officials needs like Emails, calendar events, contact list, messages and other tasks. This is designed to use on web and smartphones havingWindows software. Through this application, you have the flexibility to configure the mail threads. It helps you in maintaining as many mails as you need to send. For this purpose, you need to download and install the application and register yourself. After this step, update the relevant details and you are done. You do not need to log in to your respective email accounts each time you need to mail. You can fix this hardship and save your precious time through this simple application. On the other hand, for users of Android or IOS there is Outlook application but it is not an original product of Microsoft.


It is a digital bulletin app that is used to set from notes, lists to do, memos and such other options. It is supported by Android, Windows and IOS software and is free to use. You can manage your events and other work stuffs whether professional or professional through this app. You can arrange and share checklists, images, attachments, documents or any reminders according to similar categories. It also provides an option to make colored tagsthat enables you in better the identification of your works. Hence, it is one of the best productivity application every users should download.


This application is used to avoid the hassle of remembering passwords for different websites. Through Lastpass app users can create a master password instead of remembering passwords for each of the apps.There are different applications like banking, messengers, social media that come up with password protection feature. With this software, you do not need to take effort in recollectingeach credentials. This function is hundred percent reliable and authorized as well as easy to use. In addition, it provides mobile access free of charge, supported by Android, IOS and Windows software. So, download, install and experience the feature to get over the pain of memorizing so many watchwords.

The world of advanced technology has made everything smooth and faster. You have to be tech savvy in this competitive era to be successful and to achieve your goals. Other than being an expert in your respective professional field, you also need to be aware of infotech. Introduction of smartphones, tablets and iPads have simplified the work structure in many ways. From communication to sharing various documents and other information, everything has become agile. However, the resources you need to experience these features are good electronic device and an internet connection. These are not only handy, but are economical too as well as easy to operate. Since, it is not possible to know about all the applications and operate the same you can use some of them. Set your priority according to the requirements and use popular and productive applications.


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