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Jan 03, 2018

In today’s world where people are busy running in the “rat race”, it is difficult to find a job that gives you financial aid as well as job satisfaction. As a matter of fact, the majority of the working people (as high as 60%) aren’t quite satisfied with their jobs, and even if you find a job that feeds your passion, in most of the cases, it fails to provide enough financial aid to meet your expenses. Well, if writing has been your passion and you are considering it as a career to pursue, you don’t need to look further. Nerdy Turtlez is here to make you an offer which you can’t refuse.

If you are wondering what Nerdy Turtlez is, then you need to know that it is one of the leading freelance writing platforms on the internet that is allowing hundreds of potential individuals to pursue a career that they love. Being a freelance writing platform, it allows its writers to work from the comfort of their home. Not just that, Nerdy Turtlez also has flexible working hours which let the writers engage in other activities throughout the day as long as they are delivering their allotted tasks on time.

Here, the freelance writers are allotted with academic assignments which include essays, dissertations, coursework paper, case studies, thesis, report writing and other forms of homework which students fail to draft within a given timeframe due to a busy schedule. Since the demand for professional academic writers is increasing every year, the online academic writing jobs have become the most promising sector for the freelance writers who are looking to earn some easy money while exercising their skills in academic writing.

Nerdy Turtlez is currently operational in multiple countries including India, Kenya, Ukraine, Pakistan, Philippines and Bangladesh, and soon it is going to expand its reach to some other countries as well. While a huge portion of the young population is still confused whether to settle for a 9 to 5 job where they need to work six days a week or to struggle more to land a better job, Nerdy Turtlez is allowing its writers to pick their own working schedule. In fact, you can choose the way you want to get paid. You can either ask them to calculate your earnings on the basis of total number of assignments delivered by you or you can choose to get paid for the effective working hours you spend for Nerdy Turtlez each month. In both the cases, you get a remuneration that is higher than any other platforms that offer the same kind of opportunities.

But why should you choose a freelance writing job over a full-time job?

1. Well, for starters you don’t need to attend the office every day when you are working as a freelancer. That’s a relief, isn’t it? You must have heard a lot of people saying how working on a full-time job sucks the joy out of their lives. When you are working at Nerdy Turtlez as a freelancer, you don’t face such problem. As mentioned before, the working hours are quite flexible at Nerdy Turtlez. So the supervisors at the organization aren’t really concerned what you do the whole as long as you are delivering the tasks that are assigned to you.

2. Another fact that puts freelancing jobs ahead of the full-time jobs is the convenience. Unlike the office-goers, freelance writers don’t need to go through the hassle of travelling every day. As a freelancer, you are allowed to work from home, café, a friend's place or wherever you feel comfortable. You deliver your tasks; you get paid for them. No questions asked. Also, you don't need to lose your mind while getting stuck in an obnoxious traffic jam on the way to the office, because there's no need to attend an office in the first place.

3. You are your own manager when you are working as a freelancer. Yes, you heard that right. When you are working as a freelance writer for Nerdy Turtlez, you can use skills to finish a task the way you like it. While it allows the writers to exercise their own creative ways to get a job done, it also increases the productivity to a certain extent which ultimately benefits the company. Well, being your own supervisor can be liberating for you as an individual. But at the same time, it runs the risk of losing your focus from the work as there's no one else to constantly remind you of your responsibilities. So you need to enjoy your liberty a bit responsibly as well when you are working as a freelancer.

4. Freelancing helps you get started with your career. The problem with the full-time jobs is that most of them don’t offer any significant job role to a person who has no professional experience in the field. From theirperspective that may sound logical, but it clips the “wings” of a talented individual who has the potential to become a valuable employee. Freelancing, on the other hand, helps the young individual to gain some professional experience while letting them earn a considerable amount of money.

There are more than 800 freelance writers who are currently associated with Nerdy Turtlez. The number is growing every day as the organization receives 10 new applications on an average daily. As you may realize, freelance writing is a promising area to exercise your skills and get paid (a good amount of remuneration). Well, Nerdy Turtlez does not only offer the conventional perks to its recruits but also a set of additional benefits which makes it the most preferable place for the candidates who are looking for a job in the similar line.

What all benefits you can get by joining Nerdy Turtlez?

As mentioned before, being a freelance writing platform it offers all the conventional benefits that any organization offers to the freelancers in today’s date. Those perks include work from home, easy money and flexible working hours. These are already discussed previously on this blog. So let's learn those additional perks that a freelancer can enjoy while working for Nerdy Turtlez.

1. On-Time Payment

While working as a writer for the Nerdy Turtlez brand, you receive your payment within the first 10 days of the month without fail. You will never have to worry about the payment as long as you are performing well as a member of the Nerdy Turtlez team. Here you get paid for the work you have done in the previous month. So having delivered 25 orders in the month of June, you'll get paid for those 25 orders within the first ten days of the next month, i.e. July.

2. The Liberty to Choose Your Task

When you join this particular platform as a writer, you get the perk to select the kind of task you want to perform. Here, you are not asked to work on a project that you are not comfortable with. Even if you are asked to do so, you have the choice to ask for an alternative task which will be better-suited for your particular skill set. You are also allowed to set your working hours accordingly which is already discussed previously.

3. No Dearth of Work

The writers in this particular organization never run out of work as the orders keep pouring in every day throughout the year. Unlike most of the freelance writing platforms on the internet, Nerdy Turtlez has plenty of tasks for the writers who are good at performing deadline-oriented projects. Since the organization focuses on delivering academic tasks (such as assignments, dissertations, essays and homework), it is okay to infer the fact that the orders will keep coming in as the academic sector is getting more and more competitive for the students.

4. Build a Career Out Of It

Most of the freelance writers join a freelance writing platform to earn some quick bucks while sitting with their laptops at their cozy rooms, but Nerdy Turtlez offers its writers the opportunity to build a career in the field of academic writing. Whether you have noticed it or not, the academic field is becoming tougher for the students with each passing year, and that is generating the need for professional writers who can help the students draft their paper within the deadline. You can start your career with freelancing at Nerdy Turtlez and then build your career around academic writing with time.

As you may realize, there are only a few freelance writing platforms that provide their writers with this many perks. Also, it is hard to find an organization that offers freelancers with the opportunity to build a career which Nerdy Turtlez does quite effectively. So if you are willing to start your career with freelance writing, it is obviously better to go for an organization that helps you develop a career than just help you make some few bucks while working from home.

Looking for a place to get started with your writing career? Join NerdyTurtlez.com as a freelance writer and see your career take an upward swing in no time

If you are passionate about writing and willing to make a career out of it, then NerdyTurtlez.com is just the perfect place for you. It is one of the most successful online freelance writing platforms that offer ample amount of opportunities to the freelance writers who have the knack for academic writing. We are also the most preferred platform for the freelance writers, courtesy our lucrative pay packages that are one notch higher than the industry standards. In our nerd squad, you are offered flexible work hours which do make online academic writing jobs more convenient for the freelancers.

We are currently operational in the countries such as India, Kenya, Ukraine, Pakistan, Philippines, and Bangladesh, and we are spreading our networks in other countries as well. As a freelance writer, you are also allowed to select the task you want to do. Since our operations are focused on academic writing, there will be no dearth of tasks for you. We also provide enough opportunity to allow the writers build a career around academic writing. Register yourself with Nerdy Turtlez today and give your career the boost it deserves.

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