Top 5 Writing Job Opportunities In Demand

May 09, 2017

Some people are passionate for writing, but at the same time, they do not have any intention to become a professional author. If you are one of them, you must go through this blog. There are several career prospects for a writer who does not want to be an author. It is not mandatory that you have to write articles and books. You can start your career like many other professions, which are relevant to writing. Nowadays, people rely on digital communication rather than traditional communication processes like letter writing. Therefore, writing is becoming a lost art in this era. Still, if you are passionate about writing, and do not want to be an author, you have a dozen other career paths awaiting you.  Here are some career opportunities in writing profile, that may suit your area of interest.

Become a journalist

If you are able to write communicative content, have good good research skill, and are one who loves to reveal untold stories, journalism is something made for you. The trend of media has rapidly changed over the past few years. Nowadays, media houses need professional writers in order to spread news stories among the readers. But then you should have some specific skills to get into this profession. For example, journalists have to meet deadlines, as the story is needed to be published before it becomes well known. Apart from that, you have to have the ability to engage your readers. Writers have their own style of writing. You have to make sure that your content is a good mixture of information and communication.


Do you have the ability of proofreading? If yes, writing tutor is the best profession for you. The education sector has changed rapidly over the past decade. Similarly, the education format has also shown its verity. Nowadays, students need to write their assignments in order to obtain a good grade. In this profession, you should have a bit knowledge of academic subjects. Apart from that, you can work as a freelancer and pick up proofreading projects. You can earn a handsome amount in this globally acknowledged profession. Moreover, you can be an online tutor, because there are so many online platforms for freelancers who have a firm grip on writing. If you do not have any specific subject expertise, you can seek a proofreading job. In this kind of projects, you just need to have writing skills.   

Specialist in public relation

Public relation is a profession where you need to edit content, post on social media and involving writing a speech. If you have strong communication skills, you are suitable for this profession. All you have to do is, open your ears for publishing newsworthy contents. This profession allows you to reframe contents for making then more communicative than usual. You hardly need to apply innovation in this industry, because all you have to do is, make existing contents interesting. Moreover, many organizations need public relationship managers for communicating with their stakeholders. You can apply such jobs in order to utilize your writing skill. Employers are seeking a communicative person who can evaluate consumers’ feedback and respond to them properly. Therefore, you have to identify whether you have a strong analytical skill or not, before joining this industry.     

Social media optimizer

Social media is now nothing but an advertisement platform. People who spend almost a day on social media can enter this profession. The organizations are posting their advertisement through social media. Therefore, the competition is very much high. Everyone needs to be under the spotlight. A social media optimizer is responsible for writing attractive content for clients. Apart from that, they make sure that the post is not backdated. If you have the ability to write attractive content, you can join this profession. You just have to learn social media trends and you are all set to be a part of this profession. It will help you to bring your posts on the top among the competitors.  

Blog writer

With good writing ability, you can write blogs in different topic. You can post those blogs through your websites or other freelancing platforms. Nowadays, blogs attract many readers and advertisers. Now, in this profession, you should have the ability to analyze different viewpoints. Like, your readers have different perception regarding one topic. You have to address every viewpoint is order to be unbiased. In this manner, you will be able to satisfy your readers in an efficient manner. You can build a website and post your blogs through it. Whenever your website goes viral, you will be able to earn a good revenue from it. If you have all these abilities, then blog writing is the most appropriate profession for you.  

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