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Freelancing: Top 10 Characteristics of a Desirable Freelancer

Freelancing: Top 10 Characteristics of a Desirable Freelancer
  • krishna
  • 18/05/2022
  • freelancing tips

Everyone can call themselves a successful freelancer. But how many of them actually understand its true meaning? In order to be successful, you need be desirable first. It implies that you should possess some quality by the virtue of which you would be awarded maximum number of projects. This is a highly competitive age and every individual wishes to be desirable. No, we are not talking about the “The Most Desirable Man of 2015”. We are concerned about the desirable characteristics that are inherent in a freelancer. Let us find out what makes a freelancer desirable in the eyes of customers.

Commitment Matters

In every profession, commitment matters. It is important to keep moderate levels of workload so that you can pay enough attention to the projects. Your completed projects should be of high quality. You should also submit them within the deadline. Constantly failing to meet deadlines can lead to the bad reputation of a freelancer.  Avoid accepting too many projects at the same time.

Be Disciplined

Being a freelancer means that you have a huge responsibility. You will get ample opportunities to hang around here and there. You may get enough opportunities to waste your valuable time. But, you should maintain discipline and should utilize your precious time judiciously.

Be Verbose, But Not Talkative

You should be a good communicator. It is true that you are working from home. But that doesn’t mean that you do not need any communication skills. This is extremely important. You must possess excellent written communication skills. You also need spoken communication skills as you need to speak to your clients. You need appropriate written skills with correct usage of grammar. You should construct meaningful sentence. When you are communicating with clients, write in a professional manner with minimal grammatical errors.

Dart Level Focus

The freelancers should have strong focus on their work. This is exactly similar to the level of focus one needs to win a game of darts. They should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They should accept projects according to their skills and expertise. It is desirable for the freelancers to be selective of their projects. They should not accept every project that comes their way. They should possess a strong will power and determination to complete the tasks.

Voracious Desire to Learn

Learning and evolving is a basic characteristic of freelancers. Every profession is bound to undergo constant transformation. Hence, it is extremely important for the freelancers to brush up their skills and knowledge from time to time. You should read the latest international journals, pay attention to the words of the industry leaders, seek knowledgeable group of friends and others.

Time Is Money

Yes, it is! The phrase holds true for the freelancers. It is extremely important for them to complete the tasks within the deadline. There is no use if you submit the projects after their agreed deadline. By doing so, you will not only get lower payments, your reputation will also get hampered. So, you should understand the nature of the projects and decide the time frame for its completion. You should communicate the same to the clients. After making the commitment, be sure that the project is delivered well within the deadline. In case of any issues, do not forget to inform the client about the issue.

Ultimate Self Determination

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”. There is a possibility of failure if the freelancers don’t manage their work well. Managing the work is possible only through self determination. The freelancers should possess a strong willpower to convert raw assignments into premium quality projects. The self discipline and self-control helps them to be on the right track. You may be tempted to watch your favorite “Game of Thrones” episodes in the middle of your working hours. This is where you should exercise your self determination capability. You should resist from such distractions when you are working. Finish off your work at once and watch as many episodes as you can.

Being Professional Doesn’t Hurt

Being a freelancer doesn’t mean that you can perform according to your whims and fancies. You would have sufficient freedom. However, you should be professional too. You may be working in your shorts, but that should not reflect in your attitude, work and communication. Your professional endeavor would increase your trust factor. Your actions should speak more than your words. These would include delivery of high quality projects within the deadline. You should keep your promises and never engage in unethical behaviors. Clients award projects only to professional freelancers.

Unshakeable Principles

Do not be the “man without a spine”! No, the statement is not gender specific. The same goes with women too. The point is that freelancers should possess their own mind and should have rock solid principles. The clients are putting trust on you. They are giving you work, brand and money. You should live up to their expectations by displaying a charismatic personality. You should present yourself in such a manner that the clients don’t have to think twice before awarding you a project.

Persistence Is The Key

Ever felt the desire to run into the land of zombies? It is the natural tendency of the human beings to run away from the current situation. The tendencies of job hopping are a common phenomenon nowadays. Today you might have given excellent performance in graphic designing and the next day you want to try interior decoration. You should understand that every job comes with its own pros and cons. The same is true with freelancing. There may be hundreds of downsides of freelancing but you should face it boldly.  There would be lean season when there won’t be sufficient work. You need to struggle hard, especially in your initial phases. You should be fearless in such situations and continue to do so, throughout your professional journey.
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