Good Writers Vs Great Writers: 5 Major Points to Differentiate

Oct 06, 2017

Writing is an art that holds the attention of readers. It sounds easy to do but it is very difficult when you actually start writing. So good writing is something that is always expected of writer, but being a great writer will help you to be noticed. Yes, there is a thin line difference between good writers and great writers. A good writers’ content will hold the reader’s attention whereas a great writers’ write-up will command the reader’s engrossment. Have you ever thought what makes it to become a good writer and a great one? Here you go.

Look at some major points that define the difference between the two.

Writing Pattern

Your writing should follow a trend as well as materiality. It is very important for writers to interpret the readers’ questions. Each word should be correctly selected and every sentence should         be prudently composed. A good writers’ pattern of writing would be creative, informative and attentive. Whereas, a great writers’ content would be so fascinating that the readers would want to read it all over again. So you need to focus on what and how you are writing. However, it does not necessarily mean to incorporate complex sentences to make your writing attractive. Even simple words and sentences can make it great. Your writing must have originality. Nobody admires a duplicate story. It must depict something that is original and new.


Either you are a good writer or a proficient writer, you must have the habit of reading. Reading enhances your vocabulary and grooms your knowledge. If you want to be a great writer, you have to be regular at reading. It boosts your power of thinking as well as helps in exploring different information. You can read anything that generates interest within you and they could be story books, news, bulletins, journals, magazines etc. A good write-up comes within oneself but great write-up comes through reading.


Do you know the key to be a great writer over a good one? The answer is “practice, which makes a man perfect”. You must practice writing. The act of regularly being involved in writing can take you to greater places rather than just focusing on knowledge and information. Great writers need to act rather than just read. It helps you in improving the quality of your production. You need to take a topic, write it, read it and rewrite again. Upon comparison, you will find your second write up to be better than the previous one. It also increases your speed and you move towards perfection. This method lets you develop the style of writing, and helps you use appropriate words and phrases when necessary.

Avoid Repetition

Great writings never have repetitions. It always shed light on new and fresh writing that is more interesting to read. It must be unique and clear that hold the readers’ excitement in reading further. Sometimes people often tend to repeat sections to emphasize certain aspects. This may not be bad. But, at times people reiterate the same elements with an aim to take the content further. By doing so you make it monotonous and this is something that can annoy the readers.  So keep your writings short and simple but unique to make it great and exclusive.

Logic and Substance

A writing without logic and meaning is not at all acceptable. To be a great writer, your content should present sensible and substantial elements. You need to deliver a structural write-up. Good writers present a logical story but may not be unique. On the other hand, great writers take efforts in portraying substantial as well as exclusive write-ups. Hence, to be a great writer, your content needs to be logical and interesting.

It requires a lot of hard work to be a great writer. You need to put immense effort to pen down what you think. It should also match with the readers reviews. In addition, the content has to be uncommon, creative and knowledgeable. Sometimes it is very difficult to please people with your writing because you certainly do not know about their opinions. So Freelance Academic writing as a profession has an element of risk. At the same time, it is one of the fastest growing jobs at present. It demands you to deliver new and interesting work, which grabs the attention of readers.

Further, a good piece of writing creates interest on reading once, but a great one holds the interest to read the stuff again. You can say that great writers have the visionary to chalk out an essential story that provides education in some ways. These writers are proficient and acquire immense expertise in delivering best piece of works. However, the mastery in writing comes from the regular reading and years of practice. As the writing profession is growing with each passing day, with respect to content writing, blog writing or story writing, you need to provide pioneer write-ups. You need to present innovative content in your work to be a successful and great writer.

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