Freelancing Frights: Reasons Why Freelancers Quit Freelancing

Sep 28, 2017

It is the psychology of everyone to fret about the problems, before starting with the work. For adding economic value to our skills, we tend to look at the best of our abilities. This enables us to work according to the trending demands. But there are certain obstacles in the freelancing industry, which comes to light while applying or bidding for a job. You can find many websites with lots of tips on how to start as a freelancer. But how much is it effective?

This blog will deal with such obstacles and the ways to overcome them so that you can become a preferred freelancer.

Fear of Selecting Projects

Have you scrolled down through a list of projects and yet are unable to zero down? This is a common concern for most of the freelancers. Finding clients is easy in this industry. There are a lot of projects available and clients are searching for the best freelancers. All you need to do is choose a work as per your skills and be fearless with finishing it. Until and unless you take a task you will never be able to overcome your fear. Be confident of your talents, take a project, and deliver a quality output.

Will I Earn Enough?

The freelancing industry is all about investing your skills and efforts for getting paid. You use your expertise and deliver the best services to your clients. Work for excellence and impress them with quality. Hence, you can earn enough with the time you invest in serving them. Your attitude towards a work plays a vital role. Remain positive and keep going. If you consider it as a regular job it becomes tougher to focus on the project and this can be a major challenge. Do not think much and portray your skills. You will secure a healthy earning.

I Hate Criticism

Everyone hates criticism to some extent, but it is a part of this industry. There are many freelancers who deliver quality output and you can be one of them. But without criticism it is hard to achieve excellence. Most of the new-comers find it difficult to give their 100 percent. Either they lack confidence or fear overpowers their talents. With criticism, you are able to learn from the mistakes and this is similar to a training session of a new recruit. Welcome feedbacks and allow your clients to criticize. Learn from them and eventually you will be left with only positive reviews. Who knows, within a few months you might become a preferred freelancer!

Will Clients Prefer My Work?

Sitting idle and imagining “Will my work get appreciated” is not going to work. Thoughts can run faster than the speed of light but until and unless you finish a project, deliver it, and receive feedbacks, it is difficult to know the level of appreciation that your work carries. Give your best and finish a task. As soon as your client receives it, you will learn from the feedbacks you receive. Do not fear criticisms if the output is poor and if the client loves your work, feel rejoiced and boost your confidence. Learn gradually and your work is bound to get preferred. Freelancing is similar to remaining in the crease and defending the first ball to know the strengths and weaknesses of the bowler, hit a boundary in the next ball and you will get preferred!

It has no Job Security

Freelancing is no full-time job. It is being your own boss. Do you fear to be your own boss? Everyone wants to earn on their own and thus we can see the immense popularity that the freelancing industry has got in recent years. This is the only industry where job security is in your own hands. You continue giving your efforts as per your skills and this will ensure you job security. After all, you have all the choices to make from a variety of projects which are not available in a regular job.

Can I Handle Recession?

Guys, when you have the right set of skills, only think about improving them because at time of recessions, the freelance industry is flooded with projects as clients try to get their job done at cheaper rates. This means when employees lose their regular jobs, freelancers get to work. You can easily handle recession and there is never a fall of your earning status at such times.

I don’t Know to Advertise My Skills

Yes you know to advertise your skills. All you require is an idea to present it. A person knows himself the best. When you know your talents, mention them in your profile. Do not mention skills that are not in your radar. This will allow you to receive clients which could be followed by negative feedbacks, which will be a disaster to your freelancing career. Keep it precise. You can also add up business profiles like LinkedIn to gain clients. Present samples of your works so that customers can have an idea of your expertise. In this industry, all you can do is, invest your skills to earn, so whatever you do you must learn some presentation techniques.

These are reasons that keep you away from being the top freelancer. Learn to look from a different perspective and you will feel that being your own boss is the best job ever.

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