6 Marketing Tips To Become A Super Successful Freelance Writer

Oct 13, 2017

Once you’ve sailed on the boat of freelance writing and managed to get a few projects, things can turn static. For a while, you will feel like you're not getting any better at your craft and not even achieving the kind of success you wanted to, the kind of success you had dreamt of.

What went wrong? You did read up every single success mantra you could lay your eyes on and even employed all those ‘effective’ marketing strategies all other freelance writing gurus seem to keep talking about. What happened then?

The truth is you've been doing it all wrong. Sure, it's not something pleasant to listen to, but it's true. The problem lies in the marketing strategies you've employed. While they are good no doubt, they're not enough for clients to remember you when you go on your break or take a holiday, and you do not want that. That can seriously hurt your brand.

So if you want to become a better and more successful freelancer, you have to become a better marketer. Yes, you’re a writer and marketing is not exactly your forte but if you want to carve out a name for yourself in the freelance writing world, you have to do certain things. And this includes using the failsafe and free (mostly) marketing tips that have been listed below. You’ll thank us later!

1. Have your Own Email Signature

One of the easiest and most effective strategies for selling yourself and your brand is having your very own email signature. You want potential clients to reach out to you whenever they want, and they can only do that if they have your contact information readily available. But your email signature should not merely be a list of your contact details. It should work towards promoting you too as promotion is the key to success in the freelance writing world. So your signature should contain three elements -

  • Your name and designation
  • Your contact details
  • A link to one of your blogs

This last bit is the most important as it takes clients right to your site and also shows them what you’re capable of, where your talent lies.

2. Gather Guest Post Links

These are also referred to as caked clips and basically refer to articles written by you that have been published on different websites. Guest posting is a foolproof and super simple way to have impressive samples of your work as well as means to promote the services you offer and your brand.

Now you already know how guest posting works, right? If you don't, here's a brief. You pick a topic you want to work on, you pitch it to the website you want it published on, and you write it out once it's approved.

Once your article is published, you not only get the chance to show off your niche and feature on a site that's quite popular in its genre, but you also create backlinks to your website which can consequently help you get more traffic and more clients. Guest posts are also something that impress clients and can help you reach a wider audience. So you should do it even if you have to do it for free.

3. Blog On

We’ve spoken on about marketing yourself on external platforms. What about marketing yourself on your own? As a freelance writer, one of the things you should have is a blog of your own.  And one of the things you should do with your blog is to keep it updated regularly.

Now you may think that this is pointless since nobody’s paying you for it but trust us, it is not. Even if you're not making cash off your own blog, you can still benefit from it in more ways than one. First of all, when you post fresh content on your blog regularly, Google starts indexing your posts and ranks them for the long-tail phrases you have used. So when you get a rank on Google, you basically become much easier for clients to find.

This is why you should update your blogs even when you don’t have the time to. In fact, if you provide fresh and interesting content to your readers regularly, they won’t have a problem when you take a break as long as you stay connected with them via social media. Besides clients will have a better impression of you and will be more likely to hire you if they see an up to date blog.

4. Invest Time to Create An Email Newsletter

Everyone has an email ID which they use daily. So why not leverage that and reach your audience on a platform which they engage in on a regular basis? Creating an email newsletter can help you do just that. The thing about having an email newsletter is that you can reach your target audience for years to come as phone numbers and addresses may change but email IDs stay more or less constant. So if you have an email newsletter, you can market yourself better.

An email newsletter clearly shows that you are an expert at what you do, and can help you connect with more clients. Also, through an email newsletter, you get the chance to develop a strong bond with your clients which can ultimately lead to a loyal customer base. Moreover, you also get the chance to flaunt your knowledge and your personality, all the while presenting you with the opportunity to sharpen your writing skills. And you already know that being a better writer is equal to being a better freelancer.

5. Throw in A Freebie

Now that you have an email newsletter, why not take it up a notch? The next obvious thing you can do is give your readers something for free. Everybody loves something free so you can be sure that your effort will not go unappreciated. Even if the reader concerned has no use for it, you can be sure he'll pass on the freebie to someone else who does, and you can get a new member to your newsletter. So make sure you give out a freebie to every single new subscriber to your newsletter.

Giving a freebie away can also help you in other ways such as improve your marketing and writing skills, help your brand come across as one that specializes in a particular area and help grow your business by attracting more and more clients. So basically you get to shoot multiple birds with one arrow.

If you don't know what kind of freebie you should give, you can start off with something small such a mini 10-page guide to a problem that your reader base faces on a regular basis but does not have a solution to just yet. You can expand this idea once you know exactly what your readers appreciate in order to get more and more subscribers to your newsletter.

6. Gather Followers on Social Media

The last and one of the most effective marketing tips we have for you is to use the weapon that is always at your disposal. And this weapon is called social media. You may think of it as a pure waste of time, but this gigantic world that snugly fits into your hand-sized smartphones holds a lot of power. Social media platforms can help you build and grow your business to a large extent. In fact, your social media skills can turn writing hobby into a full-fledged business if you know how to channelize it.

Social media marketing is a priority for all business, and they are always on the lookout for a writer who can create a positive image for them on the social media front. That means what businesses actually want is a freelance writer with a strong social media presence, one who can act as an influencer of sorts. So if you want to employ the same strategy to increase your business, you will have to become social media savvy. But don’t get frustrated too quick as mastering social media marketing can take up a lot of time. That said, you can do certain things to get started, which include -

  • Get on the major social media platforms and learn how to navigate them
  • Post regular updates on all your accounts
  • Tweet and share posts created by others
  • Tweet and share your most recent guest posts
  • Re-tweet information you think can be useful for your reader base
  • Tag other businesses and writers in your posts

All you have to do is spend just 15 minutes of your time each day updating one or the other social media profile you have to reap its benefits.

These marketing strategies can take you on the route to success in no time. You can do some other things too such as have a ‘hire me’ tab on your blog posts, connect with social media influencers, get testimonials from clients and lots more! However, if it all sounds too overwhelming, you can always start with baby steps, choosing one or two strategies and employing more as you go.

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