How Freelance Writing Can Help to Become An Influencer on Online Channels

Jul 05, 2017

One of the most esteemed and desired moments in the life of a freelance writer is when he/she becomes an influencer in his niche.

Who is an Influencer?

Well, an influencer is one who can change the minds of people; one who has the power to impact their decisions; one who can convince others to purchase the services he/she supports or believes in. Yes, an influencer is that God of marketing who has the Midas touch to turn engagement into conversion; someone whom every company offering a service or a product considers to be an asset.

Being an influencer is every bit as wonderful as it sounds right now to you, but getting there is a challenge, and you will have to traverse many a perilous roads before you can arrive at your destination. But don’t worry; these paths of thorns will turn into flowery ones with the following ways on how freelance writing can help you become an influencer in the world of online marketing.

1. Freelance writing can help you find your niche

The first thing you need to do to be an influencer is to discover what you care about, what drives your passion. Discovering your niche can set you apart from the rest of the crowd and can instantly help attract readership as your audience will be able to connect with your content. That is not to say you cannot post generalized content from time to time. That is good too as it helps to bring variety and keeps your audience interested. Nonetheless, if you want to be an influencer as fast as you can, finding your niche and being an expert at is crucial, and freelance writing can help with that as it gives you the chance to explore several avenues.

2. Select The Right Topics

By selection of the right topic we mean that freelance writing can help you come up with original content in your niche to the extent possible. Unique content is like a magnet that can not only help you get the favor of your audience but that of your client as well. Fresh ideas sell like hot-cakes and can give you the chance to show off your expertise in your area of interest. Even if you decide to write a topic that has already been taken up, make sure you write it keeping a fresh angle in mind. You can also incorporate your own experiences in your content to make it more relevant.

3. Assist you in Keyword and Hashtag Research

Remember keywords are actual queries that people put into the search box of the internet, and if you include them in your content, your audience will find you first. This means that you will stand a higher chance to be an influencer than a freelance writer whose content is not search-engine optimized. Fortunately, freelance writing has already taught you that. Since Twitter is quite the hot platform for sharing keywords these days, it will be wise for you to research the trending hashtags as well that are relevant to your field. Your followers on Twitter can be a great start to do some hashtag research.

4. Create Spellbinding Content

Compelling content is the way to go if you even if you simply want to be successful and not only an influencer. There’s no smidgen of doubt that as a freelance writer, you already know the importance of captivating content. But before you hit the publish button on what you’ve written, ask yourself certain questions to know if you should indeed press the button or revise your content - Is your content useful? Is it the kind that mesmerizes your reader and makes them want to read the books you read, follow your suggested ways and buy the products you endorse? If not, it’s time to change your content.

5. Generate Content Centered on Your Audience

Now that we are already on the topic of the kind of content you should create, let's talk a little bit about whom this content is aimed at – your audience. If you’re the kind of freelance writer who mostly takes up projects that give them the chance to talk about themselves, expect your audience to get bored. To keep their interest alive, you will have to write content that focuses on them and their problems. In fact, if you turn into a problem-solving blogger, you can get immense traffic. Even when you write about personal experiences, make sure your audience can connect with what you’ve published.

6. Connect With Your Audience

It’s a common mistake to generate and post content that you think your audience will like rather than what they actually want. You need to listen to your audience to know what they want, which means you have to connect with them. By connecting with them, you get the chance to talk to your audience and discover their likes and dislikes and the problems they have been seeking a solution to. The relationship that you establish with your readers will make them feel that you care and will also help you in serving them better. Freelance writing is a great way to build that audience base.

7. Keep You Updated With The Trends and News in Your Niche

The thing is that readers look up to influencers for all the latest scoop. This means that you will have to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends and news in your niche so that you can be the first one to furnish them with the freshest hot button issues. Subscribe to other blogs, YouTube channels, newsletters, etc. to stay on top of your game. Becoming a source of information that your readers can trust will help you in becoming an influencer, so keep yourself educated and informed.

8. Offer Avenues to Guest Post

Just make sure the website you choose to do that is a credible one. Guest posting regularly on authoritative sites can really help you in growing into an influencer. You will get access to a brand new audience base and even accord you with credibility, establishing you as an expert in your field. While writing guest posts though, be sure to give it your best shot as these can go a long way in building your reputation. To find a suitable site to guest post at, you should reach out to one of the influencers you follow and present them with a proposition that is valuable for both you and the site you decide to write for. You are a freelance writer, so don’t worry as your options are endless.

9. Increase The Shareability of Your Content

The whole point of generating content is to make it spread like wildfire. This means that your piece should be instantly shareable, and it should be so as that is what great content truly deserves! One of the best ways to urge your readers to share your content is to have a call to actions throughout your copy, but be careful that you do not exceed the limit of more than two to three of them in total. If you are freelancing for a client who has social media plug-ins on his site, there’s nothing like it.

10. Make You Visible on Every Social Media Platform

You can find new readers just about anywhere; and an increase in readership results in the elevation of your status as an influencer. Freelance writing can help you with that as you can take up several projects. Also, you must make your presence known on every social media platform be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or even the lesser used Google+. Try to get on podcasts too if you can. Guest posting, as discussed above, is another great way to gain visibility. Eventually, your eyes should be set on a stage where you're giving video interviews and attending meetings, etc. as they will offer you the maximum visibility.

11. Present Opportunities to Connect With Other Influencers

Being an influencer does not mean ruling a space alone and banishing all others from entering it to compete with you. No. Being an influencer means collaborating with other influencers to build and boost your own reputation. Connecting with other influencers can also open doors to new professional relationships and opportunities that can prove to be fruitful for you. Moreover, if an influencer approaches you personally, you must start following them immediately and try to maintain good relations with them. You should also try to share and promote their articles so that they do the same with yours.

12. Teach You The Virtues of Being Nice and Understanding

Your role as an influencer encompasses the maintenance of your relationship with your clients, your audience as well as fellow influencers. You need to be nice to all of them as these are the ones who will play a key role in your rise from a freelance writer to an influencer. Fortunately, freelance writing already teaches you all that. However, in a bid to be nice, do not forget to be yourself. Your personality is a vital element of all your articles, and it is precisely what attracts your readers to you. So remember to be nice and be you.

Final Words

You know that practice makes perfect, and it surely does. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t find yourself making headway anytime soon. Becoming an influencer is not an overnight job and requires patience, perseverance and faith in your abilities. While there’s no single magic formula that can help you, the combination of the above tips and your experience as a freelance writer can surely make your dream of becoming an influencer come true.

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