3 Paralyzing Freelance Writing Fears and How to Overcome Them

May 19, 2017

The new freelance writers always seem to assume that they are the only ones who are petrified. When they sit down for writing their first blog or an article, they get butterflies in their stomach. Along with your own fear, you are probably thinking that everyone else is bursting with self confidence. Your perception is completely wrong. Thousands of them who have been there for long time deal with lots of fears. Here are three paralyzing freelance writing fears that we came to know about from many of the freelance writers.

3 Paralyzing Freelance Writing Fears:

1. Free of Rejection

Every person has the fear of rejection behind their every action. But, the freelance writers are mostly vulnerable to this fear. You pour yourselves in your writings and then hand them off to other people for evaluation, scrutiny and criticism. After handing your projects, you might have confronted rejection from your client. Remember, rejection is not such a big deal. Sounds crazy? You can discover that there is a ‘Yes’ behind every ‘No’. If your client say ‘No thanks’, you will find another person, standing behind him, says ‘You are exactly what we are looking for’. All you need is to find is who needs you and your talent. You cannot sell apparels in a fruit shop, right? The faster you move on, the faster you will find someone who will really appreciate your work, your writing style. Establish your self-confidence first.

2. Fear of Conflicts

At the beginning of a freelancing job, almost every person has the fear of conflicts. Even if you are with the best clients, you are always involved in negotiations. The freelance writers receive negotiated rates, deadlines, and thousands of other little details that go into each project. If you have fear of conflicts, you will let your clients win always. If they win all the negotiations, you will end up with less time, less money and less happiness. At the time the fear is going to gulp you down, remember your own value. You are a professional writer and you have certain value that your client must have to pay to hire you.

3. Fear of Mistakes

It is quite obvious that as a writer, you do mistakes in your writing. The question is what the level of your mistakes is. If you have to write 4000 words per day, you cannot obsess over a single word choice. But make sure that what you write is spelled correctly. Further, you cannot spend hours sweating over a single paragraph. You cannot proofread your writing 20 times before you send it off. At the same time, you are afraid of being wrong in your writing. So, what can you do to overcome your fear of mistakes? Make sure that your client will have a clear communication with you. If you do any mistakes they will alert you so that you will be aware of.

Choice is yours. Sink or Swim! Overcome your fears to make success.

How Can You Overcome These Three Paralyzing Fears?

In order to overcome the writing fears, you have to make your work more effective. Here are some tips to overcome these three writing fears:

1. Peel Off One

Writing assignments, blogs or any article include multiple parts such as reading, interviewing, researching, reviewing notes, writing, and rewriting. If you think about all the steps at a time, you will probably welcome your fears. Peel off one that needs to be tacked first and deal with it. Then go for the next.

2. Make Own Target

If you have lots of writing fears, make your own target and leave enough time. If fear makes you slow, start your work as early as possible and leave atleast a day before the deadline. When you find that your work has been done long before the deadline, your confidence will increase automatically. Further, you will have the time of reviewing and polishing up your final draft.

3. Trust Your Client

Trust the choice of your clients. If they choose you for any particular task, it means you have the ability. Don’t look back and get ready to go ahead.

4. Choose Your Comfort Zone

When you are afraid of writing, go with your own flow. Try to get into your favorite zone where you are master of doing any particular task. If you cannot do your favorite task, then make the difficult one your favorite. Freelance writers have an advantage that they can sit anywhere and do their work. Try to choose your favorite coffee shop for your freelancing job.

5. Believe in Yourself

You should believe in your talent. Most of the people hate to read or write anything all the time, where you can earn good from your writing talent. You are exceptional and you have something valuable to offer at the marketplace.

6. Contribute Time in Learning

Sometimes, fear comes because of not knowing enough about something. Contribute your time to professional education with doing your job. This effort will be shown in your work. By diminishing your fear, you will able to make your work more perfect.

7. Read Your Clips

Take some time out in your daily routine to read the previous pieces. Look throughout all the writings and read out loud. You can find how much you have improved till now. Further, you will able to know how much you can go further.

8. Rewrite

In your free times, rewrite your old previous pieces and enhance the quality of your writings. Remember, great writing is made in the polishing phase.

9. Self-Motivation

Motivate yourself wherever and whenever you can. There is no substitute of self motivation in overcoming your fear of writing.  Always believe that you can do all the tasks that are given to you.

10. Take Care of Yourself

Your health has an impact on your work. If you are underslept and eating nothing but junk food, your writings might be hampered. Be healthy to write well.

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