How to Fight Procrastination: Top 5 Tips

Nov 21, 2016

Procrastination is the act of postponing and delaying things. When you purposely delay things, you tend to get yourself into a tangle. It could be that your motivation is low and you have certain doubts in mind. Stop thinking so much! It makes you delay your work till the last moment and then you feel the pressure due to shortage of time. Often the fear of failure is the root cause of this evil. It is rightly said that if a person never attempts a task, he or she might never have the chance of failure. However, the chances of success also do not arise. Thus, it is important that you stop the habit of procrastinating. It’s important that we discuss the top methods for fighting procrastination.

Eliminate the fear of failure

It is important that you change your perspectives towards your work. You need to stop worrying about the results and live in the present. You need to reassess the assignments that you get. It helps you to look at the positive aspects of the assignments. The negative points that make you apprehensive will be reduced. It also helps in looking at the points that attracts us towards the assignment. You need to think about your strengths and think beyond the final result. The adoption of this approach helps you to identify your personal goals and gives you the drive to handle the assignments efficiently and also handle the challenges that may come your way.

Professional approach

We have learnt that time and tide waits for none! Time management is one of the most important techniques that can be used for fighting procrastination. The biggest criterion for people is meeting deadlines. You might be aware that most people dread the word “deadlines”. They tend to postpone and keep their work on hold. When the deadline is near, it increases stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is very important that you start managing time. It is important that you assign different time slots to specific portion of the work. You need to assess whether you were able to achieve these targets. Comparing the accuracy attained in the process also helps. This helps in improving your quality of work to a great degree. It also assists in avoiding stress and anxiety. You are also able to make your working patterns simple with proper planning and organizing skills.

Make sure that your mind is fresh

One thing you need to keep in mind is that fatigue is one of the biggest causes of procrastination. You need sleep. The mind is an important asset for us. You have to remember that your mind is not tired when you are working otherwise you will feel fatigued and weary.  One of the advantages of having a fresh mind is that the mind is more focused and the concentration level is high. The creativity level also increases with a fresh mind. You are able to think with clarity. The productivity also increases with a sound and rested mind. It is said an idle mind is a devil’s mind. This is applicable when the mind is disturbed and tired.

Do not aim for perfectionism

One of the most important things that should be kept in mind is that you should be more realistic. Do not aim for perfectionism. You need to set realistic goals and targets. It is important that you identify the targets that can be achieved and the methods that can be used. If you try to make unreal goals, it might dent your confidence and you might start questioning your abilities. This will not only reduce your efficiency but will also create negative ideas in your mind. It makes you delay your work unnecessary because of your idealistic goals. It creates room for procrastination. Running after impossible targets is causing you more harm. Realistic goals are achievable and you can measure your performance and achievements. You have to be aware that patience is the key. Your missions and aims cannot be achieved in a day. There is famous saying about Rome being not built in day. You need to keep that in mind. Realistic outlook eliminates procrastination.

Overcome your sluggish attitude

Lack of motivation is directly related to procrastination. You need to have the zeal and the motivation to begin an assignment. Otherwise, you feel stuck and you go nowhere. Your work is pending and your stress is rising. It might seem funny but if you talk to yourself, then it is actually helpful. Psychologists have repeated from time to time that self-talk is a very important habit that everyone should develop. You need to remember how procrastination begins. Before the negative ideas form in your mind, you should nip it in the bud. It needs to be stopped before it begins. You need to indulge in self-talk and keep motivating yourself. Build and reframe more powerful ideas in your mind and keep reminding yourself of your strengths. It helps you in encouraging yourself and helps you in improving your efficiency and productivity. You will be amazed to see how negative energy gets transformed into positive energy and makes you mentally stronger.

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