Looking Inside the Mind of Freelancer- Top 5 Thoughts

Jan 31, 2017

Have you wondered why people leave their daily day jobs and move towards freelancing or why people choose freelancing in addition to their traditional jobs?  Freelancing as your career option has various merits and demerits. The growing popularity of it is a telling tale. Every one of us is becoming aware of this attractive industry. There are many reasons, which contribute to this shift to freelancing. Speaking generally, you could say that people opt for freelance work because of freedom and flexibility. It also provides more scope to flaunt your creativity and pursue your dreams. According to surveys, there are statements, which say that the longer a person stays in the freelancing sector, the happier he or she is.

Freedom and flexibility

Freelancers always prefer freedom and flexibility. You would ideally want to be your own boss. Isn’t it right? You do require freedom and flexibility in your work schedules. Freedom of showing your creativity and your individual style is one of your needs. You would like to decide when to work and when to take a vacation. No pressure of targets and deadlines would be so helpful to you. The domination of superiors definitely is not a fact, which anyone enjoys..Freedom and flexibility helps you to think with clarity. The flexibility in the work schedules also helps you to plan your vacations and enjoy life. It also improves your morale.

Opportunity to earn money

Monetary benefits act as a direct motivation for anyone. Money is a basic necessity in our lives. The main factor that guides your choice regarding selection of jobs is money. The main ground of dissatisfaction is the small pay scale. In the current age, when the cost of living is increasing with every passing day, it becomes necessary that you earn more. According to reports, people opt for freelancing work to earn more, save more and to attain higher standards of living. When your traditional job does not offer you the desired pay, you will tend to look for ‘greener pastures’. Freelancing provides you the opportunity to earn the extra income that one is looking for. Therefore, you can say that the scope to earn more money is the guiding force behind individuals opting for a freelancing career.

Reduction of stress

Do I need to explain about the stress and tension involved in the life of an employee?  There is perpetual stress and tension in the professional life of an employee. The pressure to meet targets, deadlines and to increase the productivity grips the life of an employee. There is very little margin of error for you. At times these critical issues tend to take a toll on you. It builds negativity around you and ultimately puts you in a negative frame of mind. You would definitely want to change the atmosphere of work. What could be the best alternative? The solution would be venturing into freelancing avenues. You tend to decide your work schedules and the type of assignments you take. Such freedom reduces the stress levels. It will also improve your morale and your motivation levels. It increases your interest and work becomes more fun and enjoyable. This is an ideal equation for a freelancer.

A better balance between work and personal life

We all have a professional and personal life. The stringent work schedules and increased workload always puts an employee under stress and tension. You have to work overtime and you have to compromise your personal life to achieve your targets and goals at work. It is never a pretty sight for a person. It makes the mind tired, creates dissatisfaction and eliminates the scope of leisure from life. The most critical issue to address for you is how to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Given the growing pressure that employers put their employees under, it is important that you look for a better option. One of them is opting for freelance work. The stress and work pressure is less here.  It gives you the scope to enjoy life and work according to your choice. Thus, it is one of the most important reasons why people choose freelance work and pursue their dreams as a freelancer.

Less chances of being unemployed

Most people live under the impending danger of losing their jobs. As a result of this, they tend to get exploited and have to suffer a lot of difficulties and problems at their workplace. They have to continue with their employment mainly because they fear the prospect of losing their jobs. It increases dissatisfaction among them and also increases their frustration levels. What can be done in such a scenario? Freelancing is the solution available to them. Some of the benefits that a freelancer enjoys are freedom and flexibility. You are your own boss and therefore, you do not have to be apprehensive of losing your job.

We found one useful info-graphic made by the JESS3 and the 24 Seven that pretty well sums up what exactly goes in the mind of a freelancer.


Inside the mind of freelancer- NerdyTurtlez

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