How to Find Out Top Paying Freelance Writing Niche

Oct 10, 2017

If you’re new to freelance writing, chances are you have heard of this buzzword called ‘writing niche’ being thrown around a lot in the professional circle. Almost every single established freelancer you know has told you to pick a niche for yourself from the very start, and you even see this word pop up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and everywhere else.

But has anyone told you what it means? Or how you can find a niche for yourself that ensures you get the best rates for your services?

In this blog, we will spill the beans and tell you all that you need to know about freelance writing niche and how you can find one that pays you handsomely.

What's a freelance writing niche?

Just like a natural ecosystem has niches (or specialized roles) that different species occupy, the business ecosystem has niches too, which you as a freelance writer can fill.

Now freelance writing niches are of many types. You have the travel writing niche, the health writing niche, fashion writing niche, finance writing niche and so and so forth. If we had to define it in the crudest term possible, a writing niche is basically an area, a branch of writing you specialize in; one that is your forte, something that you’re very good at.

Should you have a freelance writing niche?

Yes, it’s true that as a freelancer, you have dabbled in all sorts of writing and never really thought of taking up a niche until now. And even now, you’re not exactly sure whether you should have a niche of your own. After all, why should you?

Well, the thing is that having a niche can help you earn more than you are right now. Don’t blink your eyes wondering ‘how on earth is that possible!’ Isn’t catering to a wide variety going to help you earn more as you’ll never have to go through a dry spell and will be able to don many feathers in your hat?

In a way, that’s true. Not having a niche keeps you open for more possibilities but it also means that you’re a jack of all trades but master of none. And the jacks don’t go far ahead, do they? It’s the masters who hold sway. By having a niche, you become the master of your own trade and the masters always get paid the most.

For example, say you pitch your services to a travel agency. Let’s call you writer A and your competitor B. Now B has years of experience in travel writing and has quite a few published articles as well. A, i.e. you, have never written for travel but can claim yourself as a fast learner and show that you’re capable of backing up your claim.

As an employer, who would you hire? The war veteran or the rookie? Who would you be willing to pay more as you know good quality content means better conversion rates and hence more profit? The answer would be B. And it is for this very reason that you should try and develop a niche of your own through trial and error.

But how do you figure out which freelance writing niche pays the maximum?

That is a very good question, indeed! To find a profitable freelance writing niche, you have to keep two pointers in mind. These are:

Choose Companies With a Large Budget

Think about it. You have freelanced before. Have you ever received a handsome amount from a start-up or even a well-established but small company? No, you haven’t. The big bucks lie with the big companies and that’s where you should take your niche and try to make it sell.

Large companies with their whale-sized budgets are more likely to focus on marketing their services, always willing to pay more to get a bigger chunk of the market. They are also always looking for new employees, which kind of makes it a win-win for you.

If you do not know which company has chalked out a huge part of its budget, you can find out with the help of online tools such as CrunchBase and Owler. These two websites allow you access to a company's investment details in a particular niche or sector. You can use these either of these portals to determine the financial success rate of the company.

Check The Market for Opportunities

You’ll need to have hawk eyes for this one but this is a sure-shot way of finding out whether your niche pays well or which niche at all pays well.

The problem is that there’s no dearth of big companies with very deep pockets. How is that a problem, you ask? Well, saturation is the keyword. Most of these big companies have employed a huge number of marketing professionals, which means that the supply exceeds the demand by a lot. So even if you go to them with your freelancing niche, you will not earn much.

However, there’s a simple trick to know which of the big guns are worth it. The things you need are a device with internet on it.

Now suppose your niche is travel blogging but you don’t really know if it will give you the maximum dividends. To find out, simply Google ‘travel blogs' and take a close look at the number of results you get. The number of results will be displayed on top of the page, right below the search bar. If you find numerous results, then you can be sure that the industry is saturated. However, if you find a lesser number of results, then that means there's a good chance for you to cash in on it.

This simple search is not only good for you to figure out which niches pay more but also for you to discover a niche for yourself if you haven’t already.

Now let's take a look at some of the profitable freelance writing niches that can help you earn more.


Tech is an up and coming niche that pays really well. There’s a high demand for tech writers who can produce quality blogs for technology businesses. So if you are a techie, you will be able to a comfortable living by making this your niche. In fact, expect yourself to earn thousands of dollars working as a tech writer.


Not even a single business exists on this planet that does not need a financial plan to keep the money flowing in. And if you know a thing or two about finance and can also write well, you can safely capitalize your talent and turn it into something highly profitable. Most financial magazines and newspapers are constantly looking for new writers so it might be well worth a try.

Academic Writing

Another field that has been growing rapidly and offers high payback is that of academic writing. Most students are more than willing to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for their assignments, which can prove to be a very decent if you take on multiple projects. You just need to have enough subject matter knowledge as well as familiarity with the rules of academic writing.

So you see, having a niche of your own can be very beneficial for you. Now whether you go for freelance academic writing jobs online or something else is a matter of personal choice.


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