Survival Tips: How not to die While Freelancing for the Long Haul

Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” states that only those who are the fittest will survive in the long haul. Freelancers, therefore, should try to prove themselves, fittest of all. If they cannot, the exciting job will turn into a nightmare, from where there is no escape. If you are a freelancer, then you need motivation for survival. Well, the following tips will provide you with the much-needed stratagem for survival and boost your motivation levels.

Protect Yourself for Future

The biggest problem that the freelancer faces is related to health and well-being. In a freelance job, there is no health insurance or sick pay. Thus, in case you are sick or hospitalize there is nothing to support you. Think that this kind of situation could arise at any moment. Thus, the best thing you could do is start preparing yourself from the moment you begin your life as a freelancer. You should save at least 25% of your profit for the future. It will save you, at a time when you are sick or hospitalized. Make sure you have a health and medical insurance that you could use in your future. This should not make you feel have no regrets of not having a 9 to 5 job. If you take these measures, then you will not only be saved from being ill, you will also be saved from all kinds of frustrations as well. It will help you survive as a freelancer.

Balancing Life is Important

You may think that balancing life is a myth, but such is not the case. If you are working as a freelancer then there are no fixed hours of work. And what’s more, you also do not have any fixed holidays. It means that you are available for your client 24/7. Well, will that increase your productivity? Think for a moment. If there is no one to inspire you then how will you motivate yourself? If you are a freelancer, then motivation is important. Your friends and family will provide you with that motivation. Balance your work and family life because both are important. Do not just shutdown your computer for few hours, but instead you could it shut it down for a week at least. If you need a vacation, go for it. If you need a day out with your friends, go for it. Balance your life; you will as a freelancer in the long run.

Face your Fear. Accept your Mistakes

Negotiating with the client is a scary thing, at least for a few freelancers. The fear prevents the freelancers to carry on with their job. If you are going through the same thing, face your fears. Try to find out those ways, which will help you in facing your fear. If you do not know how to face your fear, then connect with other freelancers. It is important that you build a relationship with the other freelancers. The life lesson tips that they will share with you will keep you motivated. Thus, it is important that you stay connected with other freelancers. Tips and tricks shared by your fellow freelancers will help you to accept your flaws and mistakes. Accept these suggestions and try to incorporate them as learnings and see the difference.

Separate Business and the Personal Account

If as a freelancer, you are the boss then you should bear all the expenses of this business. Freelancers believe that if they are called the “entrepreneur” then more respect towards their work is provided. Thus, if you are calling yourself an entrepreneur, you have to be ready, to bear the expenses of your business. Thus, the money that will be earned by you should have two distinct divisions.  One part of your income should be there for the personal expenses. The other part, you should use in building your network and in protecting your business. The money you have saved for your business could be used to pay the taxes. The separation is required because it will help you to expand and survive in the market.

Plan for the Future

You should always plan and this will help you to survive in the market. Without a plan, it is impossible for you to know how much you will keep in your hands and for which season. If you think that you owe someone money then you should pay him/her immediately. Well, you should not delay at least in this case. Thus, always plan before you make any decision and this future planning will help you survive as a freelancer.

Continuing as a freelancer is a difficult thing. Yes, of course, but then if you follow few basic steps then the scenario is not that suffocating. Just follow them, earn more, and enjoy more.

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