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Freelance Academic Writing: Being Creative in Writing and Life

Freelance Academic Writing: Being Creative in Writing and Life
  • krishna
  • 18/05/2022
  • freelancing tips

As a writer, you have certain duties and responsibilities. You need to meet the different challenges. These challenges could be writing a tricky topic, maintaining creativity in every assignment or it could be handling a demanding client. These issues could be endless. The job of a writer is not easy. There has to be ways and remedies by which a writer should be able to maintain his creativity and the essence of good writing. A writer can get tired and might feel stuck on a certain idea that does not allow him or her to proceed. This might reduce the motivation and morale of the writer. As a writer, to fight various issues and difficulties, you need to have a certain level of inspiration.  Creative living could act as the key for better writing.  Let's look at some points that are related to creative living.

Take Enough Rest

You need to assess your work. Let’s take a look. You have to meet the demands of your clients, maintain creativity, browse your different websites, conduct research, promote your skills and blogs and so on and so forth. It is certainly a hectic task. It will exhaust you to the core. You lose track of life. All you are doing is work and more work. Where is the time for leisure? You are burning yourself excessively. Your creativity and skill will be lost in the long run. All work and no play have adverse effects on your mind. You need to find ways where you can find time for leisure. Maybe playing a game of golf, swimming, taking a walk, listening to your favorite tunes, etc. are some of the methods of taking a break. It gives you moments of true serenity. This is essential for you to maintain your creativity and morale. One of the things that you should never overlook is sleep. Sound sleep is the essence of a fresh mind. It is vital that you find suitable amount of sleep that your brain requires and stick to it.

Set Personal Goals

You need to have an appetite for success. You need to strive continuously for achieving excellence and raise your standard of excellence. Thus, there is something to be accomplished everyday for you. The common tendency for people is that they get dejected and apprehensive looking at the huge pile of tasks that needs to be completed. Your morale is severely affected. What can you do in such a scenario? One of the best remedies that you can apply is that you can set personal goals for yourself. It will give a direction to move forward. It will inspire you to work in a more systematic way and will enhance your creativity. It will make you improve your skills and will help you to achieve the level of excellence that you are aiming for. You will be made to think out of the box. There will be those odd days where you will fall short of the target, but you should not let those deter you. Thus, creating personal goals and milestones is a very effective way in this regard.

Capture Feelings On Pen and Paper

You have to realize the power of the pen. You come across many moments throughout the day. Some are forgotten while some are remembered. Have you tried to analyze these moments? If you pursue the course of retrospection, you will be amazed to see the various elements contained in those moments. I know you must be wondering. It is time you picked up a pen and started jotting down everything that you see around yourself. Write down every intricate detail that occurs during the day. When you wind up your day and reflect on these moments, you will realize there are so many things to learn from them. It makes your mind free and helps it to imagine freely. When you capture your feelings on pen and paper, you make sure that the beauty of that moment is not lost and you can reflect on these moments in future. It assists your creativity and helps your mind to think with more clarity.

Create a Suitable Surrounding

I'm sure you are aware that the surrounding around you has a huge impact on you. We are aware of the fact that we cannot have a house that is facing the ocean or have a luxurious house that will allow us to have a luxurious life. You would be able to understand the psychological effect that the surrounding has on you. To begin with, you have to make sure that you are in a surrounding that will make you feel comfortable and happy. The next point that you need to ponder how can you make the environment around you attractive? The spaces in your house need to be arranged properly. A clumsy looking workspace will have an adverse effect on your mind. Try to make your workspace pleasant. You might have to change the paintings on the wall, and you might want to decorate the interiors around as well. Overall, your primary focus is to make your surrounding attractive. This will have a positive effect on your productivity and creativity.
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