8 Top Resourceful Online Tools Every Freelancer Should Have

Jul 21, 2017

Freelancers face several challenges in managing all the tasks. As this industry has undergone a drastic change in the last few decades, several new technologies and tools have been invented to make this job easier.

Let us look at the list of the most resourceful online tools every self employed person should have.

  1. Tools for time management
  2. Productivity tools
  3. Writing tools
  4. Productivity tools
  5. Organizational tools
  6. Project management tools
  7. Email apps
  8. Social media tools

Time Management Tools

Some of the most helpful time management tools are mentioned here.


This name may be familiar to you. Well, RescueTime is one of the most useful time management tools.  If you find out that you spent 12 hours on Facebook last week, it becomes easier for you to manage your time wisely.

Focus Booster

It is really important for a freelancer to complete all the projects within the deadline. Time management is the only way to get all your work done on time. Focus booster is basically an online timer meant for freelancers. This app is based on Pomodoro  technique. In this method, you will be allowed to have a


Toggl is basically a time tracking app. With the aid of this app, you can track time with a single click. You can easily switch between several tasks and make reports in order to get things done on time.

Project Management Tools

If you are a freelancer, you must try these project management tools.


MindMeister is considered to be one of the best mind mapping applications. If you find difficulty in your brainstorming sessions, then this app is meant for you. If you have been assigned a large project, this tool could be your savior.


Trello is basically a collaboration tool which can help you organize your projects.

Google Apps

This is one of the most popular apps. Anyone engaged in online business should use Google apps. 

Email Apps

The below mentioned email apps are really helpful. You can use them for your own convenience.


If you always forget to follow up with your important clients, try this helpful app. You can automatically schedule such things with the help of this app.


It is one of the most famous email apps. It incorporates algorithm. Most interestingly, this app moves less important messages out of the inbox after determining the importance of each and every mail.


Are you tired of writing the same email again and again? Then you should check out this app. TextExpander helps create codes for generating generic templates just in a single click.


ContactMe is especially meant for managing leads. This tool integrates with both MailChimp and Gmail.

Gmail Labs

You must check out the tools available in the Gmail Labs for a better experience. Its “Send and Archive” feature permits to archive all the emails that have been already read.

Writing Tools

If you are a freelance writer, it is recommended to use the below mentioned writing tools.

Open Office

Every freelancer should install open office tools in their PC. Most importantly, you do not need to pay anything for installing open office. This comes with several helpful writing tools. It offers various benefits such as easy exporting to PDF, pamphlets, guides and many more.

Write Room

This tool is available for Mac. Write room should be used when it comes to dealing with big writing projects. This tool will surely give you a hassle free writing experience.

Dark Room

Do you want to eliminate all distractions while writing? Then you should use this helpful writing tool for avoiding any sort of distraction. Dark room is designed for windows only and it is completely free.

Logline App

Logline app is especially meant for writing screenplays. If you are a freelance writer, you can use this app. With the aid of the app Logline, it becomes easy to arrange ideas in your writing. You can even organize the sections of your writing piece painlessly.

Zen Writer

Zen writer is one of the best full screen writing apps. This app offers the following features.

  • Dark background
  • Adjustable fonts
  • A serene light

You need to pay $9 in order to use all the features offered by this app.  Before buying this, you can download a trial version and try it.

Organizational Or Business Tools

Here we will look at some resourceful organizational or business tools.


You must have heard of Dropbox before. Well, you should know that this is known as one of the most accurate organizational tools. It is basically a drag anddrop system. It will help you synchronize all your important files  You do not need to spend time on synchronizing your files any more. It is recommended to sync all your files with Dropbox for a better experience.


Shoeboxed helps turn piles of business cards and receipts into accounting entries, expense reports, and contact lists. You can use this tool for your freelance business.


Mint is one of the most user-friendly organizational tools. It is basically a financial tool which allows you to keep a track of all your income and expenditures.

Social Media Tools

You must try these effective social media tools.


Yes, socializing is important to expand your business. But if you keep checking Twitter or Facebook continuously while working, it will harm your productivity. It is recommended to use Tweriod so that you can concentrate on your work. This app helps you find out when your followers on twitter are online.


If you wish to include video into a project, Wistia is the best tool.


This app helps you organize different accounts with a single dashboard. Therefore, you can save your time by using Pluggio.

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