Top 5 Tips to Moonlight Your Career as A Freelancer

May 05, 2017

The popularity of freelancing as a career option has increased. It is no secret that more people are opting for it along with their day jobs. The reason behind this is not just remuneration, but it also indicates the passion and ambition of people that are devoted to working. Moonlighting is the option for people who intend to do the freelancing work along with their day jobs. It is a good choice for many fresh and new talents to enhance their skills in Freelancing. According to the U.S Dept of Labor, about 8 million American work second jobs to make their ends meet, to pay their debt and to increase their savings. The concept revolves around the management of time and effort while working on multiple jobs. This is a cornerstone of success in any endeavor. Everyone knows the concept of two sides of the same coin and the same concept can be applied to moonlighting, which requires one to understand the positives and negatives of moonlighting. Let's discuss five tips of freelancing.

Checking and Assessing Priorities

For starters, it is important that they take small steps to start Freelancing. The day jobs are a permanent source of income and serve as a major source of financial stability for an individual. They need to evaluate and assess their priorities and develop a better understanding of them. Individuals have to be aware that in moonlighting, freelancing is a side project and a source of additional earning. One cannot jeopardize their permanent jobs for temporary ones.  Therefore, individuals cannot afford to neglect their permanent jobs and put extra time and attention in their freelancing work. Proper negotiation and interaction need to take place between the employer and the employee. Polices and terms and conditions of the employer needs to be properly understood by the employee. The no objection from the employer needs to be obtained. One has to scrutinize if their freelance work interferes with their day jobs and if yes, then the degree to which it interferes. One has to be careful and cautious about the fact that it does not have any impact on the permanent jobs. In moonlighting, you have to be aware and conscious of the fact that you cannot have any ties and affiliations with the clients and people of your company, which is required to make sure that no potential threat and competition is posed to the employer of your day jobs.

Focus on One Job at a Time

Individuals indulging in moonlighting needs to be aware of the fact that proper attention and focus is given to the respective jobs. It is of critical nature that appropriate focus in given to day as well as the freelance jobs as it discourages people from neglecting or paying too much importance on either of the jobs. It could lead to low productivity for you, if this is not followed. It is detrimental for you to work on both the jobs simultaneously as it makes you less potent and leads to decrease in attention and sincerity in both the jobs.

Management of Time

Management of time is an important and necessary aspect in moonlighting. You need to remember that equal and rational allocation of time on the jobs is necessary. A point worth noting is that sometimes freelancing is like an illusion. It seems very easy but it can be tricky and can ultimately lead to overburdening on you, which can cause a clash in both the day and freelance jobs of a person. The time blocks for the week has to be made that will show the proper allocation of time to each work, which is created to avoid overlapping of work or clash of interest. The schedule is designed to highlight to a person the time to start and the time to stop regarding a work that is needed to manage time on a particular job.

Exploring New Areas

One fact of moonlighting is the exploration and navigation of new areas and avenues in freelancing that is required by a person to pursue the passion and needs. One important and notable fact in freelancing is the presence of lean and low phases, where it is important for an individual to experiment in new areas and different fields to develop new skills and enhance the potential and capabilities of a person. It makes your character more dynamic, and it ultimately helps you to utilize your skills in achieving your goals and objectives. Moonlighting provides opportunities to people to recognize their area of strengths and weaknesses. It also allows them to evaluate and identify their potential areas of improvement that will make you a better and a creative individual.

Promoting Your Talent

Another important area of focus and attention is that one has to promote their talent and advertise their skills. You have to remember that in freelancing one will get work if their talent and expertise gets noticed and more work will flow based n the promotion and advertising of skills. If enough advertisement of the skills is not done, there will be not enough work available for you. The recognition of talent, as one can see is important in moonlighting.

In conclusion to the statements made above it can be noticed that freelancing is tricky and challenging but at the same time, it is lucrative and rewarding. It requires that drive, the passion, the composure and the appropriate skills that are required in moonlighting.

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