Freelance Writing from Home: 6 Reasons to Start in a Recession

Aug 19, 2017

We go through conflicting thoughts and emotions when we have to choose between our daily jobs and freelance work. There are various points that we need to consider. What would you choose?  Would you prefer the stability of your day job or the comfort from freelance work? Both are laced with merits as well as demerits. If you ask me about my preference, then I would choose the latter. My logic behind this would be that I would have no boss to work for; there will be no issues regarding traveling and other such factors. However, I'm not saying that it does not have any challenges or issues, but there is a perfect time for everything.  Recession is the best time to work from home. The cyclical trend of the economy is a crucial factor that cannot be avoided regarding work.

People Opting For Business

You will come across many employees who have significant grounds for dissatisfaction with their previous jobs. There could be many reasons why they were disappointed with their former employers. Deduction or default in payment, exploitation at work or unfair treatment by the bosses could have made the workers quit their traditional jobs. This happens mainly during the recession phase when the employment level is high. The level of disappointment could be so much that they might choose to work individually and start up their own businesses. It would be their first choice.  What would be the requirements of these businessmen? It would be the tools of online marketing. They would need websites, marketing devices, effective advertising, etc. The next question that you need to evaluate is that who would provide such expertise to them? The answer would be the freelance writers. They are the best option in such situations because of their competence in online writing. They have necessary skills and know the ingredients that are required to help a business in the nascent stage. Therefore, there is good scope for a freelance writer. The logic behind this is that, when the economy goes down, and unemployment is high, freelancing is a very good solution. It raises the employment level and the expenses involved in the process are also low.

Low Start Up Cost

Freelance writing career has low cost in the initial years. The initial capital involved is very low. What do you need? All you need is a computer and an internet connection. We all know that these will not cost much. The next question that comes to your mind is a website. A website is an important requirement for a freelance writer. It is a major necessity for a writer. You don't have to be worried. Platforms like Wordpress are free websites that involve zero cost when it comes to expenses regarding setting up a website. You do not have to spend many resources on this. Thus, low cost is another reason why you should opt for a freelance writing career.

Feasibility of Online Marketing

The next point that you need to keep in mind is the viability of online marketing. When you analyze traditional and online marketing during the stage of recession, you will see that the latter is a more rational option. The cost and expenses involved in traditional marketing are higher than online marketing during an unfavorable cyclical trend. It also puts more stress on the resources, which is critical in such circumstances. If the businessmen evaluate their budgets, they will show a tendency towards online marketing. Posting of advertisements online is a more followed trend.  According to surveys and articles, the testimony of this is the growth of the online sector, which depicted a growth of 2.7% in 2009. You will realize that you can make much more money in the online marketing sector during recession compared to traditional marketing during boom. Therefore, you should embark on specializing in the online marketing industry and start building your client base.

Strong Client Base

In a career of freelance writing, you get clients easily, and you can build a strong client base in a much efficient and effective way. You need to keep in mind that with online ad posting it is easy to find freelance writing jobs and similarly it is easy to get a client. The time and effort involved in this process are simple and easy. Many barriers and issues involved in locating jobs are also solved. Therefore, it is easier to kick start you freelance career in writing, especially during the recession phase.

Work From Home

Another benefit which is observed under freelancing is the opportunity to work from home. Isn't this a dream come true for anyone? You can be in the comfort of your home and work from there. There would be no hassle of traveling, no need to face your boss, etc. I know you are smiling. One of the benefits that you can get in freelance writing jobs is that there is no overhead cost in work from home. We know traveling expense can be high if your workplace is far from home but with work from home facility, there is no such issue. It is of great value during recession.


The mobility factor is another benefit which awaits you.  Your home is your office, and you can move about with freedom and work at the same time. If you are trying to save money during recession, you can take up freelancing assignments and save money and work simultaneously.

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