Freelancing Career: Tips to Pull Ideas before Starting as a Freelance Writer

Sep 22, 2017

If you have decided to enter the life of a freelance writer, then you have to ask a question to yourself. “What should I write about?” To become a good writer you have to be very clear about your area of writing. If the specialty of writing is specified, then the writer can reveal the ideas in his or her head quickly. Some people very quickly can yank their thoughts from their head and then develop the content in a piece of paper. But most of the people who start their career in freelance writing are not able to innovate new ideas for writing. Few writers can write or develop a story with a very simple idea. They can shape the concept into a full story or article. But everyone is not gifted. So you have to yank ideas from your head and then start writing. Moreover, every person has a different way of coming up with ideas. Here are some exercising tips to pull your ideas before starting as a freelance writer.

Create Your Identity as a Writer

If you always think that you cannot be a writer, and not capable of generating new ideas for any topic, then you will never be a good writer. This negative thought will always pull you back and demotivate you. Therefore, if you are trying to enter in the freelance writing platform, then you have to change your thinking process. You have to think yourself as a writer by the heart. Imagine yourself as a professional writer. It will help you to think yourself from a writer's point of view. It will surely assist you in dragging ideas from your head to write down them on your page.

Search for Your Inspiration

Writing is a process of creative thinking. Lacking sparks of creativity can be a stumbling block for you freelance writing career. You can increase your thinking with inspiration. You can take inspiration from your surroundings. If you look, then you will get it  spread  everywhere. You just have to notice that and then use it in your work. Your everyday experiences and activities can inspire you and can be food for thought, which you can express in words in your writing. Moreover, these simple ideas can snowball into valuable thoughts and can become fodder for some excellent piece of work. So the ability to take inspiration from your surroundings is very essential. It will make you a good thinker as well as a writer.

Practice Meditation

Sometimes ideas can be generated from the practice of meditation. Meditation relaxes you and this helps your mind to think peacefully. If you develop a habit of meditation before writing, then surely, it will help you generate ideas. You can practice a 5-minute meditation before starting your writing. This meditation will give you the opportunity to feel the silence. Sometimes you need this silence to hear the sounds of the surroundings. Silence makes the noise and sounds around you more prominent. This is the primary source of inspiration for you to write.

Analytical Ability

A freelance writer is always supposed to write down the ideas, which are already written by someone else. So when you attempt to write on a particular idea, make sure you try and think about that idea in a new aspect. If you cannot present the thing in a new way, then no one will be interested in your writing. Therefore, the quality of analysis is essential to you. With this analytical ability, you can present your thoughts in your writings. It will help you to increase your writing quality.

Leave Introduction and Conclusion for Last

You always face trouble in writing the introduction part. Therefore, you can skip it in the starting. The introduction is the first thing that relates the writer and the reader. So it should be very well written, as the readers tend to go through each sentence carefully. When you start to develop an idea, you can leave the introduction part. In beginning, you can express the whole idea in your writing and then in last write the starting and ending of that.

Write for Fun

To become a good writer, you have to practice fun writing sessions. It will develop your thinking procedure and will speed up the process of generating new ideas in your head. For this purpose, you can set a time for your fun writing practice. It is up to you, as to how much time you will give for writing. For instance, you can allocate 15 minutes regularly for this practice. You could take topics or ideas and start writing on whatever that pops up into your head within those 15 minutes. This could be fun and it could improve your ability to think and express. .

Read Your Own Writing Loudly

It is a vital step to perform when you have completed with a piece of paper. You could just take a print out of your writing and start reading it out loudly. It is the best way to find out the flaws of your writing. Make sure that you correct the errors as you come across them, and this will help in making the final copy error free.

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