How to Start Freelancing Without Experience: Top 7 Tips

Apr 04, 2017

Do you want to start your freelancing career without experience? It sounds a bit complicated, but not impossible. There should be a starting point for everything attracts you. Since you do not have clients in your pipeline, you have to market yourself in the begging. The primary thing that you need to do is, making a portfolio with previous achievements. But, you do not have such accomplishment due to lack of experience. Without a least experience, you will face difficulties. Here are some tricks for starting your career as a freelancer without experience.

Write Blog for your Website

The primary thing that you need to do is, display your skills and abilities. Write blogs for your websites and mention all your offerings. You can post your blogs in your website for getting effective result. Remember that your first aim is to reach to the potential clients with your abilities. Nowadays, new media is the most effective platform for launching services. So start writing your blog today and publish those through social media. Under the ‘about me’ section, you should mention your contact details along with your area of expertise.       

Reduce your Charge from The Competitors

The market of freelancing is competitive. You should keep your charges low in order to attract employers. It will help you to survive in this industry at initial stage. Since you do not have experience in this field, you have to prove yourself first. But, you have to select a trusted client for this strategy. In this phase, you have to provide the best quality. So take your time to complete the projects and make sure that you have provided an error free piece of work. You can provide some free samples to the clients. This will increase the chance of getting ample number of projects in future. When you are offering free sample, you should attach a disclaimer of similarity.   

Publish Some Sample Projects Online

Since you do not have any previous achievement, you have to upload sample projects as per your area of expertise. An experienced freelancer usually publishes the completed projects for attracting the clients. But, you are new in this industry and So, there is nothing to showcase. Just randomly choose projects of different types and finish those accordingly. It will help you to highlight you skills and abilities among the employers. In freelancing, the market is broad, and you are free to pick any project from anyone. So try to complete different sample works in order to attract clients with different needs and requirements.

Seek Projects from different Sources

If you search over internet, you will found different freelancing websites. You can open your account and use those platforms for getting projects. These accounts are open for both freelancers and the employers. So, open freelancing account as much as you can. Because the more you open your ways, the more you will be able to get projects. Some employers are hiring without experience. Try to find out those projects at initial stage. You have to reach to the employers with your offerings and potentials. It increases chances of getting new projects. Continue this practice for initial two to three months. Then you will be able to build an effective portfolio with lots of achievement.

Search jobs with no experience criteria

In freelancing, there are many projects with no experience criteria. For example, you can try for proofreading, editing, data entry, calling profile and advertisement posting. In these projects, you just have to invest your time and dedication. At initial stage, try picking up these jobs for gathering experience in this field. The more you complete projects, the more you will be able to improve your portfolio. Later on, you can try for subject specific projects like website development, designing or content writing. Until and unless you don’t have reputation, employers will not hire you. This phase of freelancing is not easy, but what you required is patience.     

Certify yourself

Employers are looking for skilled freelancers rather than experienced. So, you should showcase your skills and abilities among the employers. Some websites offer online tests. You can add those test results to your portfolio. In this manner, employers will be able to understand your skills prominently. The best way to start your freelancing career as a fresher is to show to certificates to the clients. Complete tests as much as you can, but make sure that you have participated in tests, which are relevant to your job.   

Allow clients to write testimonials

Your website should have a testimonial section. Encourage your clients to leave comment about their experience. In this manner, you will be able to understand whether your clients are satisfied with your job or not. If your clients leave positive comments, then you will be able to attract new clients in an effective manner. The key to success in freelancing is good reputation. With good feedback, it is possible to keep existing and new clients.

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