13 ways to overcome Writer's Mental Block

Mar 15, 2017

Most of the writers suffer from such ordeal and may be incessantly on a quest for negating this concern but sometimes you fail to overcome from this quandary. Writer's block may be a hurdle, but it is not something which is impossible to overcome. One may apply various ways to deal with Writer’s Block. Some of the worthwhile manners to triumph over writer’s block are laid below.

1. Just Take Off:

Most of the times, writer’s block strikes at the commencement of a project. Headlines, titles, introductions, etc. are the areas which make it difficult for you at the outset. Instead of suffering from the word go, you may skip to a segment of the project that you already are well aware of. Start writing on the main content and return to the heading and introduction part later. The important thing in this regard is to start, and things will shape accordingly.

2. Relaxation Practice:

Practicing relaxation methods may be extremely useful regarding overcoming writer’s block. Relaxation techniques may help you to improve concentration and boost your confidence. Taking a short break from the writing will help you to get back on track.

3. Attend Some Writer’s Workshop:

You may consider of participating in a writer’s workshop which is a certain way to inspire you and beat writer’s block. Here, you will learn the tricks of the trade that will help you to tide over writer’s block and maintain appropriate write-up.

4. Take a Breather:

Sometimes it’s worth taking a breather and go for a short walk or jog in the greens to get back on track and unclutter your mind. A gentle jogging or for that matter brisk walk could be immensely helpful to overcome the writer’s block.

5. Read through Inspirational Quotes:

When you are stuck with writer’s block, you may seek for inspiration by reading other’s inspiring quotes. Consult inspirational quotes and words that will revive your spirits and get you going as far as writing is concerned.

6. Create an Inspirational Board:

An inspirational board is nothing but a collection of inspiring visuals like, magazine images, newspaper clippings, photographs and anything else that you might think which would lift your spirits when the chips are down. Mere visualizing the inspirational board will act as an efficient tool for overcoming writer’s block.

7. Writing Exercise:

When you experience writer’s block and cannot fathom how to overcome that, try writing exercise which would allow you to brainstorm your ideas and write them in an appropriate manner. Writing exercise would provide you with an opportunity to funnel your thoughts and get rid of unconstructive thinking and ideas.

8. Read through Blogs:

When you are going through an ordeal of writer’s block, it is useful for you to read the writings of others work. Blogs are easy to read and derive ideas from and are extremely helpful to get overcome writer’s block.

9. Listening to Music:

You may take up musical therapy which may be inspirational and relaxing while trying to tide over writer’s block. Listening to the correct track may generate ideas within you which in turn may improve your writing skills and succeed in dealing with writer’s block.

10. Settle for Best Writing Conditions:

Every author is different and poles apart from each other. Some may require tranquility and peace while others prefer listening to loud music while typing words. You must find what works best for you and settle to it. It doesn't matter whether you like typing in nook and corner of a room or a busy place to write. Select the best place what suites you.

11. Schedule Your Writing:

Writers have a creative bent of mind and which never wants to be tied down by matters like deadlines and timeframes. You shouldn’t allow such aspects to intimidate your creative space. Instead, frame a schedule and work on it which will be productive while performing any write-up. It may help you overcoming writer’s block and pursue usual writing.

12. Play a Game:

Playing game is a welcome break when it comes to dealing with writer’s block. It can be an effective tool in overcoming challenges in writing. Games of all kinds, be it, indoor or outdoor can impart positive effect over the creativity and problem-solving skill set.

13. Break the Rules:

Writing without any bars or rules is especially useful for those having writing block. This approach lets you write without any inhibitions, whatsoever and allow the words to flow uninterruptedly. You may have to ignore grammatical errors, spelling, etc. and just write. Later, you have the opportunity to edit the content.

Writer’s Block may be a hurdle, but it can be resolved to utilize the multifaceted techniques explained above. One may use ploys above to overcome writer's block and enjoy the spirit of writing which eventually makes your writing even better. So whenever you are stuck with writer’s block, consult the no-nonsense options available for bettering your writing skills.

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