How to Gain and Retain Your Trust as A Freelancer

Mar 23, 2017

It takes a long time to build a good reputation, isn’t it? A freelancer should be able to keep their promises in order to build strong business relationship. You have to gain clients’ trust in order to flourish your career as a freelancer. The most important thing that you should focus on is your deadline. You should deliver the project within the given deadline. This will help you to gain and retain trust of your clients effectively. In freelancing, distance, language and time are some challenges. You need to overcome these obstacles at the earliest in order to retain employers’ trust. Here we have some cohesive solutions that you can apply to earn and retain trust of your employers.

Clear and transparent communication

You should build a consistent communication with your clients. If you update your clients regarding the ongoing projects, then it will give your client a hassle free experience. In freelancing, you might face difficulties during working on a project. Now, if you communicate with your employers on daily basis, then it will be possible to make things easier than the usual. You should do realistic commitment for making your conversation transparent. For example, if you cannot do a certain service, then don’t commit such things. Then only you will be able to come up with an excellent piece of work. Moreover, this practice will tend your employers to rely on you for their next projects.      

Display a Virtue to your clients

You should have your own policies of work. But, under any circumstances you should not commit overestimated demand. As you are the service provider, you should maintain politeness while declining your client. Do you think that declining your client can be dangerous for your career? Yes, it can hamper your freelancing career, but being polite while rejecting your clients’ demands would help you to build professional image. Your hard-earned reputation is your asset and therefore, you should not put your reputation at risk by promising unrealistic demands.    

Keep away from dishonesty

In order to earn clients’ trust, you have to be honest about your process. For example, most of the freelancers promise many features, but ultimately they won’t be able to stick to their commitment. If you adopt dishonest practice, then your clients will never select you for their next projects. When you deliver the project, don’t forget to revise all your client’s requirements carefully. Remember, you should not miss a single thing that you have promised earlier. The mechanism of freelancing depends on trust of both employers and you. Therefore, do not let your client to question at your authenticity in order to maintain sustainability.     

Understand clients’ requirements

If you are delivering a client for long time, then you might have strong understanding regarding their requirements. But, if your client is new, you should clear your confusions prior to start working. Different employers have different needs and wants. You never judge your clients based on your previous projects. Proceeding without knowing your client’s requirements can be a reason of dissatisfaction. Instead, if you communicate with your clients at the earlier stage, then your clients would be able to rely on you. During this conversation, you should not ask any invalid question. Remember, you should bring all possible factors during this communication session in order to make the process smooth. 

Avoid dilemmas regarding commitments

Stick to your commitments in order to retain clients’ trust. In freelancing, deadline is the major factor, which you need to meet under any circumstances. Commit only to the extent in which you can perform. For example, if you commit your client to deliver a project within 24 hours, then you make sure that your commitment is realistic. In the end, you will be responsible for delivering that project within the promised time. The world of freelancing depends on trust and therefore, if you fail to keep your promises, it will hamper your career. Now, if your client demanding unrealistically, then you should politely handle your client at the early stage.    

Let clients to give feedbacks

Client’s feedback is most important thing, which can improve your performance. Now, you have to allow your clients to leave a feedback your website. For example, an employer can put a comment on your project positively. In this manner, your next employers will rely on your abilities even without communicating with you. When you are allowing clients to leave comments, they can take this negatively as well. If they are not satisfied with your work, then they will defiantly leave negative comment. Therefore, you should carefully handle this feature in order to avoid uncertainty. Word of mouth publicity is something, which can affect your career positively or negatively, there is no in-between. Take the advantages of this publicity process instead of putting you reputation at risk. 

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