How To Improve Freelance Writing Skills: 6 Scientific Tips

May 30, 2017

Writing is an art. An ideal writing should initiate multidimensional activities in the reader’s brain. It should prompt the readers to expand their imagination. It should also captivate the readers which would make it difficult for them to move to another article. Most people struggle to write world class articles but fail to do so. The articles produced by most writers are boring, irrelevant and one-dimensional. This creates least interest in the readers. Hence, it is very important to write compelling articles that grasp the reader’s attention. Let us discuss six scientifically proven tips to take your writings to the next level.

6 Tips for World Class Writing

You must have wondered how to upgrade the quality of your writing. Your days of worry are over now. Read these 6 scientific tips to produce outstanding articles.

Brainstorming is The Key

This is one of the most basic methods of enhancing the quality of your content. You do not need to be Newton to discover big ideas. Ideas can be small also but it should give unique solutions to the problems. Before you start writing the articles, gather as many ideas as you can. Take out a blank sheet and jot down all the points that come to your mind. You can search the internet or ask an acquaintance for relevant ideas. Out of the box ideas can spell wonders to your writing. Do not rely on conventional ideas regarding a topic. Try to look out for a unique proposition that no one else has tried so far. Try to be as much creative as you can. You do not need to search for complicated articles in journals or eBooks. You can get innovative ideas by looking at a picture also.

Arouse The Curiosity of Readers

Your main heading as well as the subheading should engross the audience. It should be attractive, catchy and relevant. The title must give the readers a hint of the content. It should be a reflection of the main ideas of the article. It should not give away the whole story and at the same time it should not be vague. The content should be organized in a logical manner. There should be an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic to the readers. It must be written in such a way that it generates maximum curiosity in the readers. It should be followed by the main discussion which discusses the central idea of the article. Care should be taken so that there is smooth transition between the paragraphs. There should be a concluding part that summarizes the main ideas of the article. The climax is important and should provide answers to all the questions that are generated in the reader’s minds.

Grow Your Vocabulary

No, you are not supposed to write Shakespearean English! You are also not required to write the toughest words. You are required to express your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Readers do not like long complex sentences. Hence you should be able to write one word substitutes for your ideas. This can only be done if you possess good vocabulary. This would not come in a single day. It would come with constant learning and practice. You can get hold of a dictionary or a thesaurus for enhancing your vocabulary. When you are writing, do not use the same words repeatedly. Instead, look for synonyms and use it only if it matches with the context.

Know Your Readers

It is important to know your readers- their age, gender and their preferences. If you are writing beauty blogs, it is obvious that women would be your primary readers. If you are writing on latest cars, most men would go through it. Depending on the type of readers, you have to modify your writing style. Make sure you know the attitude and beliefs of your readers before you start writing. You should also make appropriate headlines which would attract the target audiences. One important rule of thumb is to avoid jargons at any cost. It is not only offensive, but also deteriorates your standard of writing. Use short and simple sentences so that you can communicate your ideas nicely.

Avoid Negativity

You should never start your writing with a negative note. You can start your writing with neutral sentences with less exaggeration. Try to avoid misleading information or superstitious ideas. It creates criticism and bitterness among the readers. They would not even read the rest of the article. In the next segment, you can discuss the cause of the problem that you are addressing. There are some topics in which you have no option but to write negative ideas. Even if you are doing so, be very careful with your words. You should end your article with a positive note even if you have discussed a negative idea in the preceding paragraphs. You can use intelligent sentences like “Every cloud has a silver lining”. This would preserve the goodwill of the readers and they would take away a positive message from your article.

Ask For Constructive Feedback

You may write awesome articles. There is no harm in asking others to give valuable feedback on your work.  Feedback is important in writing assignments. Do not assume yourself to be an omniscient. You may write correct sentences with minimal grammatical errors. However, there would be certain mistakes which you are bound to overlook. Those mistakes may be minor but if you rectify them, your writing would improve a lot. Your friend may suggest you a brilliant idea that would be a major turning point of the story. Also, they may be able to point out your silly mistakes which escape your eyes.

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