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List of 5 Fun Freelance Jobs you would Love to Try

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  • 18/05/2022
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Has your daily work life started to become stale? Do you feel that freelancing includes only serious jobs? If your answer is “yes” to both the questions, then it is probably time you evaluate your thought process. Earlier, majority of the employment opportunities revolved around engineers, doctors or lawyers. In this modern era, the Gen Y is increasingly opting for fun freelance tasks as their preferred career option. Out-of-the-box job ideas can be both unique and rewarding. The usual 9 to 5 jobs can be monotonous, boring and mundane. The innovative freelance projects not only fulfill your financial needs, but also prove to be a satisfying work experience. Depending upon your areas of interest, you may land up in a brand new job role.


Fun Freelance Projects

Today’s youths are on the lookout for fun quotient in their jobs. Freelancing is considered as a hot favorite among youths, who are joining this to enjoy its benefits. There are a lot of fun ways of enjoying the freelance tasks. Let us look at some creative freelance assignments that you can pursue.

Fun Photography

Do you love experimenting with your camera? If yes, you can opt for photography as your career option. You would get sufficient opportunities to display your photography talents. Be it weddings, anniversaries, parties or receptions, there is a huge demand for photography. You can also contact corporate organizations as they have ongoing events and conferences. You may be hired to capture the glimpses of major events. You should invest in a high quality camera (like DSLR) and should try to be well familiar with it. Creating good portfolios could help display samples of your work. The portfolio should contain your best work that would help you receive lucrative job offers in the future.

Exciting Event planning

If you are fascinated with weddings or the big events that take place around you, then event planning may be a perfect freelancing career for you. This activity comprises of several fun activities like designing of program, designing of pamphlets, creating a list of stationary, creation of guest list, interaction with different types of suppliers and many more. Wedding planning can be a lot of fun too. It is a subset of event planning and is a lucrative career option these days. The event organizers find it a daunting task to handle all the tasks of the event all by themselves. This is the reason they look for hiring suitable event planners.


Adventurous Travel Blogs

Do you like travelling to new places or enjoy revisiting the old ones? If yes, then this is the correct job for you. You can share your travel experiences, give useful tips to the potential travellers and share your viewpoint regarding popular tourist destinations. You can not only write travel blogs, but can also contribute travel related articles. You will also be able to explore a lot of new places when you are into the travel writing profession. You can write for sites like Trip Advisor, Nomadic Matt, and View from the Wing.  If you have decent English writing skills and possess good travel knowledge, then you can even be an author someday.


Social Media Expert

The social media has created a trend in today’s generation. The corporate are concentrating on social marketing aspect of their respective companies.  The popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. They are actually hiring people for enriching the social networking activities of the company. The social media expert is responsible for the interaction with people and creating interesting social media profiles of the companies. You may also be required to gather feedbacks about a new product or service of the company from the social media fans.  If you are hooked on to social media for maximum time of the day, then this is the best freelance career for you. The social media specialist enjoys his work every day and explores fun in his job role.



Aura of Fashion Designing

Have you been a “Fashion Diva” all through your life? Most of you would give a positive nod to this question. If you are insightful, creative and like to play with colors, textures, cuts, materials, then fashion designing is a good freelance career option for you. A fashion designer should have up to date knowledge about the changing trends in clothing. You can have a lot of fun with the mix and match of different fabrics, colors and styles. You can make new patterns, design new prints, create t-shirts, and accessories. You should display your personalized attractive clothing in online boutiques so that it reaches the maximum number of audiences. This is the most lucrative career option for today’s generation.

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