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Jun 09, 2017

So aspiring to become a freelance writer? Good news: there are hundreds of thousands of job opportunities out there. How to get started? Well, we are going to answer this question in this blog. Before that, we welcome you to the biggest platform packed with ample of academic writing jobs: Nerdtyturtlez.com. We can help you chase your dream of being a successful academic writer.

But before you register with us, take a look at the following steps to begin your career as a freelance writer.

1. Know The Job

First, you need to know what academic writing is. It is completely different from blogging or writing content for website. In academic writing, you have to write papers for educational purpose. Get an idea about the tone and language used for academic writing. Know all the characteristics of academic writing. Familiarize yourself with all types of academic papers like essays, research papers, dissertations, conference papers, journals, book reports, etc. You also have to learn how to do citation and in-texting. Multiple blogs on academic writing are available on the internet. You can read those blogs so that you can have a clear idea about academic writing. You can also connect with already established academic writers. They can make you understand what exactly the job profile is.

2. Study The Industry

Get an idea about the contemporary academic writing industry. Do research on the industry so that you can become aware of all the present trends. Otherwise, you will face lots of issues. Don't skip this step if you wish to flourish as a freelance writer.

3. Work On Your Writing Skills

You need to be a very good writer if you want to reach the pinnacle of success. So, before getting started, develop your writing skills. Here are some pro tips to improve your writing skills.

  • You must have heard of the axiom “practice makes a man perfect”. So, take any academic topic and keep on writing. Do not think about the mistakes. You can rectify them later
  • Do revise your write-up so that you can assess your current position and work accordingly
  • Read as much as you can. It will not only help you increase your vocabulary but also help you get an idea about the language used for academic writing
  • Always try to write to the point and simple. Avoid confusing words because they can make your writing incomprehensible
  • Get someone to read your write-ups and give you feedback. 

4. Build Your Own Portfolio

Before applying for academic writing jobs, create your own portfolio. Most clients ask for portfolio before assigning a project to a writer. This is the opportunity to showcase your work and skill. Put effort in building your portfolio so that you can easily convince your clients. Do not act casually.

5. Learn to Deal with The Clients

You have to be very careful while dealing with the clients. You cannot afford a single mistake especially when you are just about to begin your career as a freelance writer. Otherwise, you might lose a potential client. So, you have to deal with the clients diplomatically. Remember there is no place for emotion. You need to behave very professionally.

6. Ask for Help

Now it’s time to make use of the social connections that you have. Connect with everyone on your contact list and ask for help. Do not hesitate to seek out help. After all, it’s a matter about your career. Your acquaintances might know someone who can help you start your career as a freelance writer.

7. Register With Job Portals

Thousands of online platforms are there that offer freelance academic writing jobs. You can register with such portal so that you can get handsome-paying online academic writing jobs. But unauthentic job portals do exist. So, be very careful.

Register With Nerdyturtlez.com – The Most Trusted Platform For Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

Why don’t you register with Nerdyturtlez.com – the leading portal for freelance writing jobs? We began our journey in 2009 with the aim of helping aspiring writers to pursue their passion. Today more than 839 freelancers are working with us. We take pride in accomplishing 111349 projects so far.

Go through few simple steps on our portal and start earning immediately.

1. Free Sign Up

Fill up the online form and sign up with us. You are requested to provide authentic details. We do not charge anything for registration.

2. Nerd Test

After that, you need to appear in a nerd test. If you do have good linguistic skills, you will definitely get shortlisted.

3. Start Receiving Orders

Once you are selected, you will start receiving orders from our clients.

4. Facilities We Offer

We are known for providing our freelance writers ample of facilities. You won’t get these following facilities from other job portals.

1. Amazing Pay

Only we provide lucrative pay in the industry. According to industry standards, we offer the best compensation. So, if it’s your dream to earn a decent amount through writing, then Nerdyturtlez.com is the right platform for you.

2. On-Time Payment

We are never late when it comes to clearing all the due payments of our freelance writers. You will get your payment within the 10th of every month. No other job portal can give you such guarantee.

3. Work Throughout The Year

“Freelancing is an uncertain career option”. We have proven this saying wrong. We assure a secured career. Only we can provide you work throughout the year because we have an extended network of clients.

4. Home-Based Work

If you work with us, you don't need to go anywhere. You can work from your own room. Yes, you have read it correctly. We allow our freelance writers to work from their home.

5. Work According to Your Convenience

If you are a nocturnal, then no need to work early in the morning. Yes, you can work whenever you wish to. We permit our freelance writers to set their working hours on their own.

6. Choose Your Own Project

If you work with us, you have the liberty to choose your project on your own. We won’t force you to come out of your comfort zone.

7. 24/7 Support from us

Our support team is 24/7 available for your convenience. If you face any issue regarding a project, get in touch with our support team. They will solve all your issues.

No matter which country you are from, our online presence spans various countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippines and many more. So, join Nerdyturtlez.com - the largest network of clients and freelancers and start earning big.

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