How To Make Freelancing Jobs As A Career: Top 9 Goals

Aug 14, 2017

Think of a situation where you are given a bow and an arrow, but there is no target for you. Now someone asks you to shoot. What will you do? The target is the goal that you have set for yourself. Brian Tracy has rightly said, “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement,” in his program “Eat that Frog.” It is important for both the organizations and the freelancers. If you want to make freelancing jobs your career, then setting goals are important.

Set Realistic Goals

 If you want to balance both your professional and personal life, then you need to set a realistic goal. Identify those events that you will never miss. Now set your goals, in such a way that you do not miss these events of your life. If you have set unrealistic goals, then the possibility of failure is always there. You could check the validity of your goals with the help of the tools like the SMART tool.

Objectives are Important

If you want to reach your goal, then it is important to set few objectives. It will provide you with a direction. Your goal is your dream, but you should not dream about something that is not attainable. If you have a direction, then the possibility of attaining the goal is high.

Set Goals for The Immediate Year and The Coming Weeks

If you are working as a freelancer, then you should set your goals for the immediate year. Take a pen and a paper and write down how many hours are you going to dedicate for each of your client. Now look back on your previous year’s performance. How many hours have you dedicated for each of your client? Identify those areas where you have failed. Write down those points that will save you from repeating your mistakes.

Your annual goals are set. Now, you should come up with a weekly roster to set your weekly goals. The weekly roster will help you to track your progress.

The Other People Mostly Determine Your Life

If you are working as a full-time worker, then your boss decides your life. Do you think that freelancers are their own boss? Well, if you think so then you are wrong. Most of the time, the clients play the role of the boss in the life of the freelancers. Therefore, you should set your goals before you start with your job. If you have your goals ready with you, then you have the choice to step back and sort out your priorities. You will then end up doing only those things that you think is important.

Clear and Tangible Goals are easily Attainable

Consider this situation; you are earning $3 a day, and in the next two years, you want to increase it to say around $30 a day. The goal that you have set has a specific timeframe and a number. If you stay focused on this goal, you could easily attain it because it is tangible and clear.

Set Positive Goals and Simple Goals

If you are working as a freelancer, then you should have some positive goals in front of you. You will follow them and try to improve yourself at each step. If you have, the “dos” and “don’ts” with you then follow only the “dos.” The “don’ts” will only confuse you.

The goals that you set should be simple, and straightforward. If things are complicated, then you often feel discouraged and de-motivated. So keep it simple but stay focused. It will help you to progress in your career as a freelancer. Instead of setting one bigger goal, it is feasible to set few simple and smaller goals.

Go for Both The Long-Term and The Short-Term Goals

Long-term goals often discourage you, and if you have set all short-term goals, then you lack the ability to look ahead.  Thus, the goals that you will set should have both the long-term and the short-term goals.

Face Your Fear

Certain things are little far-fetched, and often you do not set these things as your goals because you fear them. Remove your fears, to be successful a freelancer. If you want to gain success as an e-book writer, or as a freelance program developer, then you should have farfetched goals in front of you.

Step Out of The Comfort Zone

You should set goals, which will help you to take risks. If you do not step out of your comfort zone or if you do not push your limits, then you will never gain success. You need motivation to inch closer towards achieving your goals. If you set exciting goals for yourself, then you will never lose motivation.

So are you still dreadful about setting goals? Do you still think that it is time-consuming? If you do not have a target in front of you, where will you shoot? If your goals are set, you could earn more from a freelancing job.

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