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How to Write A Blog – 9 Do’s and Don’ts While Writing

9 Do’s and Don’ts of How to write an effective Blog
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  • 23/08/2017
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Writing blogs has become a common practice among various writers. Blogging has been gaining popularity with every passing day. Social networking media is one of the platforms for writing blogs, and you can see that many bloggers use this to post their blogs. This is more unsurprising rather than it being easy to understand.  However, one point that you should be aware of is that writing blogs is not an easy task. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow when you are writing a blog. There are common mistakes that people make while writing blogs. Many professional writers spend years writing blogs but do not experience much growth in it. Do you know the reason why? The reason is regarding the elements of their blogs. You have to be aware of certain key ingredients of a blog. Let me present you some do's and don'ts of writing an effective blog.


Find your target reader

You have to stress on some primary and key aspects when you are beginning a blog. You have to be aware of target readers. When you are writing a blog, you have to be aware of your readers for whom you are writing. You have to be conscious of their needs. Your blog should be something that could bring some benefits to them. Otherwise, they will not read your blogs. Adequate knowledge of reader demographic can aid you in writing effective blogs. You will be able to grab their attention, and your blogs will be appealing in comparison to other bloggers. Once you achieve your focus, you can build on your blog from this point and work on the subject matter.

Keep your blog concise and crisp

When writing a blog, you need to make sure that your blog is concise and captivating. You have to be aware of the span of time that your reader can afford to give on your blog. Excessively long blogs will kill the interest of the readers and will also lower their interest. Therefore, make sure that your blog is short, straightforward and attractive.

Friendly but professional tone

You have to pay special attention to the tone that you use in your blog. One mistake that many bloggers make is that they make their tone too friendly. Yes, your blog is a way of communicating with readers, and you should keep an informal tone, but there are certain guidelines that you need to know. You need to know the line between using friendly and using too friendly tone in the blog. You should use a friendly and a conversational tone but maintain the professionalism in the content.

Use images and graphics

Do not feel shy to use creativity. In fact, you should not compromise with creativity. Creativity increases the chances of your blogs of being noticed and appreciated by the readers. Use images and graphics in your blogs. Images add some spark to your blogs and help the readers to understand your blogs better. Pictures have a lasting impression on the readers. Therefore, remember to add some images and some creative elements to your blogs.

Use tagline and interesting content

As a blogger, the most important part of a blog is the content that you give. A boring, unattractive content will surely not incite interest among readers. Your content should be relevant and interesting. You can use a tagline and a logo in your blogs.


Do not give negative vibes

When you are writing your blog, make a conscious effort that you do not give negative vibes to readers. Do not vent your grievances and complaints in your blogs. You should be positive in your approach and make sure that your blogs assists the readers and gives them useful information.

Do not make grammatical mistakes

One of the biggest and the most fundamental mistakes that you should not make is grammatical errors. One of your strengths should be your r grip on English language. Grammatical errors in your blogs will give a wrong notion to the readers. A poor image is formed of you. Typos and grammatical errors are never accepted by readers. If you want your content to be read with interest and attention, then you have to be professional in your approach.

Do not write long paragraphs

You have to be careful about how you construct your paragraphs. Do not try to write long paragraphs. Long paragraphs usually make the readers lose their interest. This can make your blogs dull and boring and thus you need to avoid this. Try to make your blogs crisp and short.  Long paragraphs make it difficult for the readers to comprehend them. You could use bullet points or sub headings to illustrate and emphasize on important points in your blogs.

Do not make the contents of your blogs too long

When writing blogs, make sure that you do not make them excessively long. It will make your readers ignore your blog. Keep your content to the point and do not be repetitive.

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